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Writer Help Wanted Review – Is It Scam?

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On June 2, 2015
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Writer Help Wanted Review - Is It Scam?

Freelancers and writers are in demand by hundreds of companies each day. You can get paid for doing writing services from blog posts, article writing and product reviews. Many people are seeking writing jobs; it’s one of the most in demand jobs especially online.

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Many have persevered in this career and most of them have been successful in generating a steady income for themselves. Others are not so fortunate and gave up after a few tries. There are those that are working day and night but still can’t get enough income to support themselves. Be a successful writer with Writer Help Wanted Program.

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What’s this Writer Help Wanted & Educational Traning Program about?

Alice Seba and Ron Douglas are the founders of WriterHelpWanted.com, Ron is a New York Times Best Selling Author and Alice is a work at home mom who also happens to be a content marketing expert. They make an unlikely pair but with their knowledge they were able to come up with the techniques and methods that even students, work at home moms and others can use to earn a living with writing.

What you will learn in the training modules:

Module 1: Writing Markets – You’ll get lots of ideas how to start writing in variety of niches and markets and how you can earn from them. It doesn’t matter if you are new or an expert, this module will help you gain more insight that you can use when writing.

Module 2: Get Paid Now – You can find plenty of job offers that will give you decent enough pay as starters. The point of this module is to help you rake in cash with your writing.

Module 3: Get Long Term Work – Be established in the field and instead of looking for new projects to apply to, let the clients come to you.

Module 4: Create Passive Income – There are other ways that you can get paid for your writing other than being hired by your clients. Find out how in this module.

Module 5: Improve Your Skills – Not only will these modules give you more ideas on how to write, turn your writing into cash but also develop your skills in writing so you can be an established writer that people will seek for in your preferred niche.

Writing is a good start for anyone who wants a steady stream of income; you just have to find the right site, the right connections and the right people to get started in the business. You can be a successful writer and earn thousands each month from clients. Always be up to date with the latest job postings, never run out of jobs and make yourself an expert in your niche with WriterHelpWanted.

Why should I join WriterHelpWanted.com?

WriterHelpWanted wants you to be part of their growing team. Whether you are a mom or student, looking for a part time or full time job, being a writer is one of the best ways to earn legit money.

  • They will help you get started right away and make money by writing with straight and on point instructions.
  • There are many people who take advantage of writers, they give projects then fail to pay the writers. Scammers are prevalent in the market that’s why they will help you to identify and away from these people.
  • Get the best jobs in the market that will guarantee you’re employment. No need to pore over hundreds of pages, they will point out the best jobs for you.
  • Get steady stream of work from previous clients and never be idle.
  • Learn to market yourself and be the one to demand instead of the clients demanding from you. Many marketers are overworked yet underpaid, don’t be one of them.
  • Get higher rates for your writing by becoming an expert in your niche.
  • Learn from the best in the market and get even more income, higher pay and clients lining up for your services.

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What I think of Writers Help Wanted?

I am not new to the writing scene, I have been writing articles, newsletters, blog posts, etc. for over 2 years. I needed a stream of income online, aside from selling clothes I also did part time job as being a writer.

I signed up to one of those online job hiring networks that let clients and freelancers connect. I was not so lucky in my first few months since I am new and I did not have anyone to guide me as to what to do and not what to do.

I ended up with a client who happened to be a scammer. He demanded lots of articles to be done in the littlest possible time. It was really a bad experience and what’s worse was that I wasn’t even paid a single cent for my articles. I was really heartbroken then but I did not give up in finding another client.

Though I was already getting a decent amount to get by through the years, it was not enough for me. I wasn’t able to save money, it was just enough to buy some groceries and then some. I was given a link to WriterHelpWanted by one of my friends who is also a writer but a more successful one.

She told me this was the secret to her success, I signed-up up and in a couple of minutes was able to land a great job with the best pay I’ve ever had in two years. The people in WriterHelpWanted are always there to help and guide you when you have questions.

After my contract is done I thought that would be it but I got another offer, it was that fast. I never thought I could get this much income from writing.

WriterHelpWanted is 100% legit and I am very thankful that I became part of their team. I wish I had discovered them sooner as to save me lots of time and avoid being paranoid from scammers. Don’t waste your time looking for writing jobs, let WritersHelpWanted help you in achieving your goals.

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Writer Help Wanted Review - Is It Scam?

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