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The Salvation Diet Review – The Biblical Secrets to Slim Body

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On September 23, 2015
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The Salvation Diet Review - The Biblical Secrets to Slim Body

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Having an online program that introduces an organic-food diet or carb-free diet is rather common. We see it everywhere online and on-site. However, there is something unique about the weight loss program that I am about to introduce to you as it focuses more on the teachings revealed in the book of Bible.

The Salvation Diet program is a result of Chris Walker’s personal experience in losing more than a hundred pounds after following the healthy diet steps that he learned from the book. Are you interested in learning more about this unique program? Make sure you read The Salvation Diet Review until the end to discover further!

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What is the Program About?

The Salvation Diet is an online weight loss program that uses the Biblical proofs found in Bible that will not only help you to lose weight, but also to feel energized and highly spirited every single day.

The program provides step-by-step methods for feeding the body with healthy and nutritious foods, as well as enriching your body and mind with a collection of motivating excerpts. Besides than producing weight loss effect, the program also seeks to guide you on how to lose yourself from sugar cravings, reduce the intake of gluttons, and start building body muscles.

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Now, the program does not stop there. It does not only focus on the well-being of your body but also your spiritual and mind. It introduces several sets of five-minute prayers that you can perform every day to feed your soul. Even though the program takes its inspiration from the Bible, it is still relevant for others to take advantage of the practical and systematic methods.

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The Author

The founder of the Salvation Diet program is Chris Walker. He is a devoted Christian, who loves to live his life fully with the guidance of Bible. After reading the book continuously, he finds out that there are some secrets in the book that can help the human beings to remain a healthy body and mind.

He compiled them all into a single, comprehensive program that systematically guides others on how to lose weight. He does not wish to introduce any fad diets that can bring more harms than goodness. He might not have any nutrition or health background, but he believes that his method of weight loss can work on anybody, just like how it worked on him.

The Features

In The Salvation Diet Review, we will also share with you the cost of the online program and the included features. Looking at the offered price, I can say that it is quite an affordable program. Chris cut the original price of $97 down to $47 to offer more values and introduce it to a larger group of audience. With a cost of below $50, you will receive the main EBook entitled “The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat.” The book covers several topics such as:

  • The craving communion method
  • The oil of the soul
  • The root vegetable of happiness
  • Sleep pollution
  • Spiritual kickstart
  • The 40-day biblical guide to mental, physical and spiritual transformation
  • The balanced breakfast lie
  • The pew potato workout plan
  • The child of God method
  • The spiritual ripple effect

Above are just some of them, but you will learn so much more as Chris has shared every little thing that he learned from the Bible. If you are to read the book and follow the methods, you should be able to notice some positive changes in your physical being, health, and spiritual aspects.

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The Bonuses

Just like any other effective weight loss program, Chris also offers several high-value bonus items to the program followers. They come free of charge and pack beneficial and easy-to-implement steps on how to get a high-quality sleep, avoid dehydration, and buy healthy and economical groceries.

  • Bonus #1 – Sabbath Sleep Hacks
    • Reveals the steps to fall asleep easily at a quality time and feel energized when waking up in the morning. Chris calls it The Spirit Naps.
  • Bonus #2 – The Secret of Living Water
    • The book shares methods to keep your body hydrated, as revealed in the Bible.
  • Bonus #3 – The Food Forgiveness Journal
    • The book enhances your experience of dieting and adopting healthy diets by learning how to forgive. It allows you to enjoy your cheat day, and a bite of a cupcake should not depress you for a whole day.
  • Bonus #4 – Let Jesus Take The Grocery Cart
    • It is a specific guideline on what to eat and how to eat. All you need to do is to follow it to reap the benefits.

The Pros and Cons

There are many The Salvation Diet Review articles out there that talk about the pros and cons of this weight loss program. I am going to do the same; hopefully the list will be able to shed some light further on the program.

The Pros

  • The affordable price
  • The practical steps of dieting
  • The comprehensive methods that involve healthy diet, physical attribute, spiritual soul, and positive minds.
  • The online facility that allows you to learn how to lose weight effectively without having to take a step out of your home.
  • The recommended foods are organic and safe.

The Cons

  • Some of the methods have a scientific backup, but the rests do not. It takes your personal conscience to see whether it will work on your body or not.
  • The body of yours might react differently to the introduced methods. You might see a quick reduction in your pounds if you follow the steps religiously.

Who Should Buy the Program?

The program is not only relevant to the Christians but also others as well. The practical weight loss steps should make sense to anybody regardless of the beliefs or religion. Plus, it is also great for those who would like to seek for a safe and organic alternative that can help them shed the extra pounds. If you are busy and have a tight professional or personal schedule, it might be a perfect program for you since it is 100% online. You can read and implement the steps anytime and anywhere!

The Summary

Sure, there are many other programs out there that might cost cheaper than The Salvation Diet. However, not all of those cheap programs include a comprehensive solution that promotes the health of your body, mind and spirit.

The additional features are the things that make this program unique and interesting. It has a super long one year warranty period. You can claim back your money any time during this trial period without having to answer any questions. The team is available at support@thesalvationdiet.com to answer your questions or address your money claims.

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The Salvation Diet Review - The Biblical Secrets to Slim Body

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