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The Prepping for Pennies Review – Scam or Legit?

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On February 2, 2015
Last modified:February 11, 2015


The Prepping for Pennies Review

Disasters and catastrophes can come in many shapes and usually unexpected. Be it hurricanes, floods, war, tsunamis, tornadoes, terrorism, earthquakes, or nuclear explosions – all these natural or human-made disasters can destroy communities, families and even individuals.

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We may have read the news or experienced it first hand on how 2005’s Hurricane Katrina caused 1500 fatalities in Louisiana.

The 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, on the other hand, caused a loss of electrical power to 6 million homes in 15 states for many days. All these catastrophes had indirectly sent us a message that we need to start preparing to survive during calamities.

Prepping For Pennies Review

The Prepping for Pennies program

Many people try to be “preppers” and start to prepare for unexpected disasters due to the strong survival instincts that all of us have. However, prepping can become insanely expensive especially if you think that you need luxurious survival gears or “prepper” supplies in order to be a real survivor.

If you are prepping and at the same time do not have much money to splurge, you have come to the right place!

Keep reading this Prepping for Pennies Review as we are going to introduce you to an extraordinary survival manual that will blow your mind away with its survival techniques and prepping tips. The best part is it will only cost you $39 although the information that you will get is more than that.

What is Prepping for Pennies?

The Prepping for Pennies manual (www.preppingforpennies.com) is not your ordinary survival manual because it is more than that. It is a compilation of detailed, proven and easy to understand survival methods, and will only cost you almost nothing to practice during a crisis.

Although the survival methods exposed in the manual are cheap, you and your family’s safety is not compromised because the manual covers everything that you shall be aware of during a catastrophe.

The writer of the manual, Dave Steen, is a prominent survivalist who has written many articles for survival websites like Greywolf Survival and Prepping Plans.

In 2012, Steen and his niece survived a group of rogue hooligans who tried to harm them during Hurricane Katrina tragedy with the help of $1 rope. That trying day excites him to share his inexpensive prepping tips and cheap survival techniques with all Americans and the people of the world.

He is such a dear because he is willing to share the tips and techniques with us with just $39 when the information that he shares are worth more than $500.

Prepping For Pennies

How Can the Manual Prepare You for the Unexpected Disaster?

In this manual, you will explore the best and inexpensive survival gears, prepping supplies and even survival retreat back up plans.

Among others, you will learn how to save thousands of bucks while stocking for food supplies and how to transform simple day-to-day stuffs into effective survival gears. There are many more great & economical survival tips inside the manual that you do not want to miss out.

Can you believe that you can get all this wonderful tips at only $39? That is ridiculously affordable.

Features and Bonuses

Once you purchased the manual, you will be provided with a link that allows you to download:

Prepping for Pennies manual – An end-to-end survival manual that will give you simple and cheap tips and techniques to survive a disaster.

Do you believe that the manual is not the only thing that you will get when you pay $39 to purchase the program? Yes, David Steen is throwing some bonuses to his customers, and there are 3 of them:

Bonus #1 – Making Your Survival Equipment e-book

This e-book will reveal to you all the inside secrets to surviving a crisis by making your survival gears without burning your pocket. For example, you will learn how to make a functional water filter by using few simple equipments and how to make your solar panel that is dirt-cheap. Isn’t it exciting?

Bonus #2 – The Schappeller Generator e-book

Instead of charging us $129 for the fully revised blueprint of this electric generator, David Steen is sharing it for free with us. He has tried it, and it works for him, and it will work for us all too. After you read this e-book, you will want to set up your generator and start saving on electricity bills.

Bonus #3 – Bug Out Planning Guide e-book

This guide will be the key to your emergency retreat since it will show you on how to get a complete bug-out bag for a very little cost. All you need is to follow three simple rules lined up by David Steen to ensure that your emergency retreat is a success.

Feedbacks and Pros & Cons

Many Americans have provided positive feedbacks on the manual. Here, we listed down four comments from customers who have purchased the manual:

  • Feedback # 1 – Jason from Ohio saved thousands of dollars for his family’s survival gears and supplies after reading the manual. His wife who was reluctant on his prepping previously due to the huge amount of money that he splurged for their family’s survival supplies also has given her green light when she realised how cheap prepping can be.
  • Feedback #2 – According to Allison from Colorado, all the leading survivalists that she encountered never told her that there are inexpensive ways to get survival supplies and gears like what Dave did.
  • Feedback #3 – After a week from the date he purchased the manual, Michael, an Oregonian, already saved $480. Imagine how much he will save after that!
  • Feedback #4 – An Alabama’s couple, Jim and his wife, struggled to keep up with their pricey survival plan before they bought Prepping for Pennies. Now, they have a survival plan that not only effective but also easy on the pocket.

Although we get positive feedbacks from the customers, we admit that all things have their advantages and disadvantages. The same goes to this survival manual. Here, we list down all the pros and cons of the manual:


  1. The manual will slash down your prepping budget without compromising on your family’s safety and necessities during a crisis.
  2. You will realise that you do not need that over-priced surviving kit that you have been eyeing.
  3. Your family will be in good hands because you already know the secrets and tips to save your family during a crisis.


  1. If you are not a hands-on type of person, you may find that the techniques are troublesome. However, you will never know unless you try.


If you decided to purchase Prepping for Pennies manual, you could pay it using your credit card or PayPal account in a secure and risk-free order page.

If you think that the new knowledge that you get from the EBooks are not worthy of the $39 that you paid, you can always email David Steen at support@preppingforpennies.com and request for your money back. However, you will need to do so within 60 days from the time you purchase the manual.

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The Prepping for Pennies Review

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