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The JASSA Method Review – Lose Fat – Is It True?

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Review of: The JASSA Method

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On January 16, 2015
Last modified:January 19, 2015


The JASSA Method Review

It can be rather frustrating when you work so hard to lose your body fat, and you keep getting the same number when you weigh your body on the scale.

You feel so desperate and weak thinking you will be in this overweight and unhealthy situation for the rest of your life. It is a sickening emotion that you get when you’ve been searching around tirelessly for the perfect solution, and none of them seems to help.

The JASSA Method review

jassa method system

Today, many people struggle with making the permanent changes and achieve their fat loss goals. It is because the key to fat loss comprise not only dieting, but also nutrition, exercise as well as stress management.

Thus, we have taken a closer look to one of the most complete and proven fat loss program for you to consider. Keep reading this JASSA Method Review and see for yourself the effectiveness of this fat loss program.

jassa method program

What is the JASSA Method System?

The JASSA Method (www.jassamethod.com) is a comprehensive and step-by-step system that introduces methods to losing body fat, without having to suffer any starvation or go on any fad diets.

It looks at the latest biochemistry, physiology, and psychology to explain why diets do not deliver permanent fat loss. It will show you how the wrong exercise can make you gain more weight, rather than shedding the extra pound.

The online program is suitable for those who are fed up and tired of following ineffective weight-loss programs. This online solution follows suits the human nature and your natural body chemistry.

It teaches you how your body operates and further guides you on how to be in harmony with your biological system. By purchasing the online product at their official website, you can get a full access to their fat loss program. The JASSA Method is now available online at a price of only $47.

The founder of the program is Jason Seib. He holds many roles such as the author of The Paleo Coach, the co-host of the Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness Podcast, and the co-owner of Clackamas Physical Conditioning.

With its various titles, we can see how experienced he is in the field of health and fitness. Another founder is Sarah Fragoso. She is a best-selling author and the founder of the popular blog, Everyday Paleo.

Plus, she also co-owns JassaFIT.com, where she promotes her beliefs in fitness & nutrition. As the expert in health, nutrition and fitness, she aims to guide others on how to live healthily. Both Jason and Sarah have taken their time to creating the JASSA Method in a good way.

They want to provide a program that can help any man or woman to get an everlasting fat loss results that many other products may fail to do.

How Can this Method Help You?

In this JASSA Method Review, we will also share with you the benefits of this fat loss program. Keep on reading this review to learn more about the benefits. Due to its online nature, losing weight is as easy as staying at home.

You may follow the program from the comfort of your house and implement the methods to burn some fat and calories during your free time — all at your convenience. By following all the step-by-step guidelines, you should be able to gain some if not all of the following benefits:

  • It is an effective program for anyone who wishes to shed some extra pound permanently and would like to do this through the proper and scientifically proven approach.
  • The online program guides you to a proven methodology that works remarkably to lose fat from your body quicker and safer.
  • It is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand program that introduces healthy diets, simple physical workouts, and revolutionary mindset training that provide the best fat loss results.

Features & Bonuses

In this review, we will provide you a closer look at its features and bonuses. Based on our honest assessment, we noticed that the online program provides several high-value features and bonuses.

The main material includes the 200-page EBook entitled “The JASSA Method: How to Achieve Everlasting Fat Loss”. At the price of $47, you will not only receive the main EBook of the program, but also other additional free materials such as:

  • An easy and specific guidebook that shows you the correct meals to consume and the exercises to do on a daily basis.
  • Stress management tools that you can use in order to achieve a sustainable, permanent fat loss.
  • An additional materials of over 80 and more detailed exercise photographs that you can refer to perform the workouts correctly and successfully.

JASSA Method Review – Pros and Cons

Through this review, we will show you some of the pros of this program:


  1. The program works with human nature, not against it.
  2. The program can increase your self-esteem by making your look better and fitter.
  3. It helps you to deliver a leaner body by building a healthier body.
  4. It gives you an easy to understand, step-by-step plan that you can follow.


A person of a fainted heart might fail to follow the program on his own till the end. However, with true perseverance and determination, you should be able to complete the program and achieve the desired result!

Guarantee and Support

This JASSA Method Review will also show you the guarantee and support provided for this product. We have good news for those who are in doubt about this fat loss program.

This program has a one-time offer of $47, and there is 60-day money back guarantee offered in this program. If you feel like this method has failed to meet your expectation, the team will return your full money and ask no questions.

The program also offers free support on the product, and the tech specialists will help you out. You can simply send your questions, concerns or issues to support@quantum.house.

We hope that this JASSA Method review has helped you in understanding this comprehensive, easy and effective fat loss program better and assisted you in making the decision of whether to purchase it or otherwise!


The JASSA Method Review

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