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The Diabetes 60 System Review

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On November 2, 2015
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Diabetes 60 System Review

Diabetes 60 System doctor approved

Dr. Ryan Shelton’s online diabetes treatment called The Diabetes 60 System seeks to help Diabetes Type II and pre-diabetes sufferers to reverse their disease through an organized and consistent set of body movements.

It shies away from the traditional method of pills consumption, needle injections, and surgery. The program makes use of physical exercises to normalize your blood sugar level and indirectly helps you to reduce weight. If you are looking for a natural and safe cure to diabetes type II, check out The Diabetes 60 System Review to learn more.

Diabetes 60 System program


What is the Program All About?

The Diabetes 60 System is an online program that provides natural treatment to diabetes disease. However, it is more suitable for Type II sufferers, rather than Type I.

Through the program, the founder, Dr. Ryan Shelton, introduces a unique solution to the sickness by teaching others how to exercise to promote better regulation of blood sugar, kickstart your liver, and ultimately reverse the disease.

It uses the common notion accepted well by the physicians all over the world. After making some research on the movements of a body movement, the founder compiled the physical exercises into a complete solution. It includes low and high-interval training that can reverse diabetes. Besides than the main solution, the program also offers several other bonus items to help you maintain your health after curing your diabetes. Check out the bonus section to learn more about the complementary items.

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Who is Dr. Ryan Shelton?

The founder of The Diabetes 60 System is a practicing physician with 12 years experience. He discovered several intriguing research results regarding diabetes, and how it is curable by correct and short physical movements.

In the system introduced by Dr. Ryan, you will notice that the physical method does not involve any long or intensive workouts. They are all short and regular, enough to regulate blood glucose controls and improve muscle insulin sensitivity.

It triggers pancreas and lower blood sugars. To convince his prospective patients further, he compiled a long list of research findings in the program, hoping that he could change their minds from resorting to the traditional, ineffective cure method to his alternative, natural, and effective solution. Dr. Ryan claims that his solution is the first-ever physical workout solution that can reverse diabetes permanently.

Diabetes 60 System review

The Features

The system costs as low as $39. It is an irresistible bargain as the original price of the online treatment solution is almost $300. With the price below $50, you will receive several items. There are two main materials in a format of an EBook as well as video collections.

Diabetes 60 System – Guide & Protocol

The main EBook helps to normalize blood sugar level by stimulating your muscles to become more sensitive to insulin. Besides than showing the step-by-step methods, it also shares with you several additional information that include the background of the solution and the scientific research that supports such body movements. The eight-week program reveals what movement to perform and how long.

Video Collections

Since the program involves physical training, it will be difficult for you to follow just from an EBook. Therefore, the program also provides a complete set of video collections. In it, you can watch the trainers perform the movement and follow them correctly.

Bonus Items

Besides the main items, Dr. Ryan also provides several bonus items to provide more information. They are all free of charge and contain valuable materials that change your lifestyle and help to track the treatment progress.

Recipes Collection

The recipe book consists of more than 500 tasty and healthy recipes that you can try. The recipes are suitable for diabetes patients who wish to change their eating habit for the better. Besides than physical activity, Dr. Ryan also claims that these recipes can also help to control your blood sugar level.

Health Tracker

There is also a bonus health tracker for you to use. In the tracker, you can jot down your blood sugar reading, current weight, and automatically create your personal health charts. Without doubt, these bonus materials are quite handy.

Can the Program Work On You?

Now, you might wonder whether this program will work on your or not. Well, Dr. Ryan claims that when you exercise, you make your skin more sensitive to insulin. As a result, your body reacts well to the sugar intake and keep lowering it at a normal level.

He also said that the 60-second movement can also improve your blood pressure for a better, overall health. It removes all of the possible complications such as heart disease and depression that are normal to Type II Diabetes and prediabetes patients. If you still question the validity of this claim, perhaps, you might want to check out the scientific research below.

Proof from Scientific Studies

According to the study done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exercises do play an effective role in helping Diabetes Type II patients to cure their sickness. When coupled with a proper diet, the exercise can speed up the recovery process quite significantly. The study monitored up to 4,500 adult patients from the age of 45 to 72.

In the research conducted by the Center, they found out that about 11.5% of the obese adults managed to reverse their glucose level to a prediabetic level. Even though the statistics seem lower than expected, there is no doubt that the physical exercises worked on some of the participants. Therefore, we think there is hope for Diabetes Type II patients and The Diabetes 60 System is one of them.

User Reviews on The Diabetes 60 System

In the program, Dr. Ryan shared several success stories from his current patients. One of them is Belinda from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Belinda said that she suffered diabetes for more than a decade. Before she followed the solution, her blood sugar was more than 200. However, after implementing the daily, 60-second physical routine, she lost more than 19 pounds, and her blood sugar reading went down to 120.

Pros and Cons

After making some assessments on this online program, we have come up with a list of pros and cons regarding the program for your reference.

The Pros 

  • It is 100% natural and safe. It does not hurt to try to see the result.
  • The price is very affordable at $39. There is also a warranty that secures your payment.
  • The benefits of the program do not only relate to diabetes but also overall health condition like weight loss and stress release.
  • It offers a solid scientific proof to convince the skeptics.

The Cons

  • The result of the program can be rather subjective. It depends on how your body reacts to the physical workouts. It might or might not work for you.
  • The trainer will not be by your side to push and motivate you to finish the program.


As a summary, The Diabetes 60 System looks to be promising for both diabetes patients as well as general adults. It provides more than just a cure for the disease, but also offers a solution to weight loss.

With the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you can give the program a try for two months to check out the effectiveness of the body movements. Should you fail to see any positive results, you can always claim back your money by contacting the team at support@diabetes60system.com.

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Diabetes 60 System Review

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