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The Code of Influence Review – Is it real or a mere piece of trickery?

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book by:
Paul Mascetta

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On September 25, 2014
Last modified:September 28, 2014


The Code of Influence Review – Is it real or a mere piece of trickery?

Product Review: The Code of Influence

Should you be wondering whether The Code of Influence official website is a scam or not, here’s an unbiased and highly analyzed our Review that will show you the crucial elements within the book and what it is all about.

The Code of Influence reviews

Overview of “The Code of Influence”

Created by an accomplished copywriter, Paul Mascetta, The Code of Influence is roughly a 450-page digital book that presents how to influence one’s mind depending on how the person processes the information being introduced to him/her.

The Code of Influence pdf

The Code of Influence downloadThe Code of Influence free download

Through the program, Paul set aside the key elements, such as education, wealth, talent, and even luck when achieving financial freedom and a better quality of life. His teachings are focused on the worth and correct usage of influencing others in order to reach one’s desired goals both in his/her personal and professional life.

Consisted of 12 modules that are separated in simple stages, The Code of Influence principles are based on scientific facts where each stage is easily apprehended. The first stage which has three modules deal with the fundamentals of influence and how it should be applied. Module four to eight belong to the next stage. Module four talks about the foundation of persuasion while five to eight are the different tiers of persuasion.

The third stage where the ninth to the eleventh modules are found tackles the human needs, various personality types and the decision-making process correspondingly. Finally, for the last stage or module 12, it summarizes the whole content and ends with a meaningful conclusion.

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How can The Code of Influence help you?

You can only benefit from The Code of Influence if you are willing to grasp and apply the principles presented. If you are someone who has a great desire in using influence to its full advantage so you can change the direction of your life toward something you really want to achieve, then the book is highly intended for you.

The book can completely change the course of your life and transform you from someone who battles to someone with the authority and control to have whatever you want in life. In the shortest amount of time, the book offers anything you need to go from the starting point (where you are now) to the end point (where you imagine yourself to be).

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The Code of Influence Reviews


  • The systematic organization of the audios and text serves their exact purpose, which is to inform the audience on the entirety of influence. Nothing is left without being fully discussed. While a lot of people writing copies of such topic share incredible tricks and easy ways, which are often misleading, The Code of Influence highlights the importance of real influence – hence producing clear-cut and effective approaches.

  • Paul not only revealed the truth about influence and its foundation, but also provided the right definition and tactics. This is crucial because a wrong understanding of influence can result to insignificant practical information, like an incorrect calculation at the start might lead to erroneous judgement and decision.

  • As mentioned earlier, each module is easily apprehended. From the first module down to the last, Paul laid out information the way it should be. Everything was comprehensible, clear and straightforward.

  • According to a survey done by a certain group of reviewers, this digital product effectively works and is highly considered a powerful material within its category. It was also rated a 9.9 out of 10 from 53 votes cast by satisfied customers across the globe.

  • What’s more impressive about The Code of Influence is that lessons learned can be applied right away. Real results can be seen within a matter of days to weeks after reading the book, which is why more people are purchasing the product. Consequently, this lead to dramatic rise on product’s sale gravity and has almost zero return rate.

  • Wherever you wanted to be, the book can surely assist you in reaching that desired place. If you can apply the principles taught, you are likely to gain profit in all aspect of your life.

  • The Code of Influence is an amazing electronic product that is not only affordable but is also easily downloadable. For a product that gives great results in no time, The Code of Influence is definitely worthy of its price. For a cost of $37, the book can make a big impact in your personality, in your income, in your social life and even during the unfavorable events of your life. That’s why $37 is not an expensive find for a valuable information. This book is not any other academic material you can buy online or read at the library, rather it contains a keen and deeply-thought discernment of how influence works that could never be found anywhere.


  • Although every element of the book is very important, some users recommend having it structured a bit differently. Some modules are engaging while a few are less stimulating even though they are necessary.

  • The book may not be suitable for someone who has a short reading span. If you are eager to reach the next stage or the most fascinating parts, you need to take each stage one step at a time, and it can be tiring. The book is over 450 pages so readers suggest that the most interesting information be put in the beginning while the lesser ones which are also necessary be written in the end.

  • The Code of Influence is not intended for individuals with wrong motives. If your goal is to harm someone, then the book isn’t for you personally.

  • There are no physical products available. The Code of Influence contains downloadable audio and e-book files only.


Aside from the overwhelming information found in The Code of Influence, Paul includes incredible bonuses from Steve G. Jone – a world-renowned hypnotherapist for absolutely free:

  • Self Hypnosis: Art of Negotiation

  • Self Hypnosis: Charisma

  • Self Hypnosis: Rapid Decision Making

  • Self Hypnosis: Relaxation

  • Self Hypnosis: Sales Mastery

  • Self Hypnosis: Social Finesse

  • Self Hypnosis: Unlimited Wealth

Guaranteed Support:

Paul Mascetta assures buyers of a two-month money-back guarantee should they feel there are no changes or important transformations happening during the 60-day test drive. Without any questions asked, Paul will give a 100% full refund for unsatisfied customers.

The Code of Influence review The Code of Influence pdf

The Code of Influence Review – Is it real or a mere piece of trickery?

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