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The Beta Switch Reviews – Is It Really Help?

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Review of: The Beta Switch
book by:
Sue Heitze

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On October 15, 2014
Last modified:October 22, 2014


The Beta Switch Reviews - Is It Really Help?

Product Review: The Beta Switch

What is The Beta Switch about?

The product, Beta Switch, which is authored by Sue Heitze, is an e-book that will help you lose weight in just a matter of 12 weeks. It contains a lot of features that are both practical and scientifically proven. The methods in the book are all natural, and very easy to follow.

the beta switch review

How can The Beta Switch help you?

If you are someone who detests looking at the mirror and thinking that you have yet again gained weight, this product will be perfect for you.

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It includes a step by step procedure on how to lose weight without taking any supplements, or undergoing the usual exhausting workouts. It will even urge you to eat your favorite foods!

Features and Bonuses

The product is a unique weight loss solution because it features the following:

  • Jump-start your metabolism in just 6 days! All you need is to prepare a very specific, easy to make, and delicious meal plans. The effect of accomplishing this step will improve your metabolism very fast.

  • The key to weight loss is to find about the correct portion of food that your body needs—this is so you don’t have to eat in excess. In the Beta Switch system, you will learn of a very simple trick that will tell you how much your body really needs, no more guessing, it’s pretty quick and very simple.

  • The product will give you a complete food list from different food groups like protein, fats, veggies, and fruits. All the nutrients your body will need are included in this list. The best part is when you regularly eat these foods; your metabolism will be activated.

  • Are you an occasional drinker? Do you love it? If so, Beta Switch system will help you pinpoint those alcoholic beverages that will aid you in shedding the extra pounds, and those that will ruin your weight loss goal.

  • Learn about the 4 herbal extracts and the very natural oil that will prevent your body from storing fats loss for idiot.

  • Learn more about “cheat” day and how to properly do it. Following the methods in this system will reactivate your thyroid hormone, thus, weight loss will not stop at any point—it will continue until you’ve reached your ideal weight.

the beta switch reviews

You will also receive the following bonuses:

  • 9-Day Drop a Jean Size Diet –If you don’t have enough time and you want to shed the extra pounds immediately, this companion book to the Beta Switch system will help you. Discover about the diet that can make you fit into your favorite skinny jeans in just 9 days!

  • Boost Your Body Image Report – a very useful book report that will instruct you how to look good. In the book are some tips and techniques to make you look beautiful even when you’re in the middle of getting rid of the fats.

  • Mind Over Matter: Wind the Mental Game of Fat Loss – Weight loss becomes a battle of determination and motivation. Sometimes, success becomes highly dependent on your psychological stance. This book report will help you be more motivated and inspired in your goal and 7 mistake for women weight loss.

  • Be a member of the Tight and Toned Club for women who also want to become fit and sexy. By purchasing the product, you will gain a free 3-month access to their website.

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The Beta Switch Review


  • The product is jam-packed with other useful products that can be used to aid in your goal to shedding the extra pounds.

  • The product promises to end your misery in just 12 weeks using the scientifically based and proven weight loss techniques.

  • It won’t require you to take supplements, or subject yourself to highly restrictive diets. It won’t even ask you torture yourself with workouts that only exhaust you, but do very little for your goal.

  • The product is complete: it contains the diet, the simple workouts that target the lower body fat, as well as the psychological preparation, and the tips to improve the physical appearance.


  • The product offers no progress tracking. Once you purchase it, you are left on your own with to track your progress.

  • Beta Switch requires an internet connection to be downloaded, thus it won’t work for you if you lack internet access.

Guarantees and Support

There are three guarantees that Beta Switch System offers: first is that the program is made specifically for women, thus the effectiveness is guaranteed. Next is that you can expect the results in just 7 days. The author even urges the customers to ask for a refund if there has been no result after a week of using the program.

But still, customers have a full 2 months to try it, after that period and they still see no results, just send the author a message and she will refund your money. And the third guarantee is that the product comes with a superb customer service.

the beta switch review

the beta switch reviews

The Beta Switch Reviews - Is It Really Help?

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