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The Bible for Super Sexy Skin Review – Scam or Legit?

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Review of: Super Sexy Skin
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Belinda Benn

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On October 16, 2014
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Super Sexy Skin Review

Product Review: The Bible for Super Sexy Skin

Beauty is important for women. We love to take care and pamper ourselves. However, most of the times, we pay too much to the needs of the exterior skin and forget about the importance of inner well-being.

The Bible for Super Sexy Skin Review The Bible for Super Sexy Skin Reviews Do you wonder why your skin face still has breakouts regardless of how many expensive cleanser or moisturizer you apply on it? Can you still see the wrinkles around your eyes despite having a consistent routine of applying night cream? In this Super Sexy Skin review, we will share with you the reasons why such breakouts and wrinkles are still haunting you.

Super Sexy Skin Review Samantha Hum

The following online program that we will reveal in this review will make you understand why the cleanser and creams fail you. So, keep reading and learn further how the program can help you to get back your youth and reverse the damages done by your lotions and creams!

Super Sexy Skin program Super Sexy Skin free

What is The Bible for Super Sexy Skin Program?

Super Sexy Skin is an online program organized by a natural beauty coach, Belinda Benn, who has decades of experience working in the cosmetic industry. She used to work with several giant cosmetic companies — Clinique and Shiseido (the third largest in the world) were some of them!

She has learnt through her experience that cosmetic products do very little in solving skin problems. Sure, they help to make one looks beautiful and attractive but that is just on the surface. When a woman removes the makeup at night before sleeping, the bare face reveals wrinkles, acne and eye bags.

Therefore, she came up with a comprehensive and practical program that aims to educate women on how to repair the damaged skin and nourish it from the inside.

By enrolling to the skin-improvement program, you will gain access to several downloadable materials in a format of PDF and video files. All you need to do is to check your inbox and access the download link to save them in your personal laptop, computer, tablets or smartphones.

The easy-access feature makes the program suitable for working women who have less time to commute to special classes. You can just follow the program at the convenience and comfort of your home!

With a price of only $69.95, you will get tons of materials:

  • Material #1 – The Bible For Super Sexy Skin
    • Learn how the substance in your cosmetic products (e.g. paraben) can affect your hormones in a bad way. In this EBook, you will receive a list of hormone-optimizing foods that can help to recalibrate your body and reverse your age and beauty.
  • Material #2 – Hormone Optimizing 28-Day Eating Plan
    • The EBook will teach you how to eat correctly through healthy recipes. You will also receive a daily eating guide and information about nutritional foods.
  • Material #3 – Shiatsu Facial Massage Video
    • In this video, Belinda will show you how to perform self-massage to your face to eliminate the toxic that lies underneath your skin. This massage exercise is important if you want to get rid of the puffiness of your face and eyes.
  • Material #4 – Shiatsu Facial Massage Guide
    • The EBook contains a step-by-step guide to face-lift massage in case you find the video above too fast to follow. It contains images and diagrams to help you understand the steps further.
  • Material #5 – Body Toning Routine Video
    • It is the second video that you will receive in the program. You will learn to do several exercise routines that will help you to tone your body. It is a combination of Pilate, yoga and body weight movements.
  • Material #6 – My Super Sexy Skin Diary
    • The EBook is a diary book that you can use to track your progress in the program for four weeks.

The program, which is now offered at a discounted price ($69.95 compared to the original price of $139.90), will reveal how the cosmetic products provide harms and false hope. Still wondering how the program can help you to look younger? Proceed to the next section in this Super Sexy Skin review to learn further!

Super Sexy Skin scam or not

How Can Super Sexy Skin Help You?

The online program should be able to make you focus more on the way you feed your body, and less on how you apply your makeup to your face. By removing the toxin from your body, you will be able to see your skin start improving (less dull, breakouts and wrinkles) and become more glowing. By joining the program, you will be able to educate yourself with the correct ways of eating and taking care of your overall well-being. From the solution, you will learn:

  • How to prepare detoxifying meals to improve the state of your skin and health.
  • How to perform Shiatsu massage that can improve your lymphatic system and uplift your face naturally.
  • How to eliminate the wrinkles and under-eye puffiness without having to rely on makeup continuously.
  • How to breathe correctly and make it a daily routine to improve the oxygenation of your body.
  • How to create your home-spa and make use of Essential Oils to rejuvenate your body skin.

Through the program, you should notice an improved complexion that will make you look several years younger than your real age — within 28 days. Yes! Not one year or one month, but you will be able to see the results in 28 days!

Bonuses in the Program

At such an affordable price, you will not only receive the six main materials, but also four additional bonuses. Check out the list of bonuses that we prepared for you in this Super Sexy Skin review.

  • Bonus #1 – A Start Guide Video
    • The introductory video will show you how to get started with the program through step-by-step guidelines.
  • Bonus #2 – Beauty Boosting Breakfast Smoothies
    • The EBook contains smoothies’ recipes that can detoxify, purify and energize your body.
  • Bonus #3 – Purely Natural Masks, Scrubs and Moisturizers
    • The EBook will give you an alternative to modern cosmetic products. You will learn how to make use of natural and fresh ingredients and avoid from applying paraben or coal tar dyes (typical ingredients in cosmetic creams) on your face.

From the free bonuses, we can see that the program promises so much more than having a youthful look. It helps to improve your overall health by encouraging natural ways of eating and face-cleansing methods.

The Bible for Super Sexy Skin Review

Now, let us proceed and see what others have got to say about this program.

  • Feedback #1Jennifer Oberth, from Australia, followed the program to improve her skin complexion. After joining it, she can see good changes such as an improved skin texture, more radiant skin and fading sunspots.
  • Feedback #2Sabina Mayne, from Queensland Australia, recommends the program as she can see the positive changes in her skin. Her skin is clearer now, and her pores are getting smaller.
  • Feedback #3Lisa Casagranda, from New Zealand, can see her glowing skin after two weeks following the recommended solution. Besides than having a softer and healthier skin, her stomach is no longer bloating!

With hundreds of users and positive feedbacks, you can be rest assured that the program is effective and is not a scam.

Super Sexy Skin system

Pros and Cons of the Program


  • You will get to learn the natural and safe solution to healthy and younger skin.
  • You only need to pay a one-time payment that is cheaper than the price of a full set of paraben-loaded cosmetic product.
  • You can try out the recipes of healthy meals and smoothies to detoxify your body and reverse your beauty.


  • The offer is available on a short period, and it can be taken down offline at any time now. There is a chance for you to miss this program if you late.
  • Different skin has a different rate of sensitivity and reaction. You might take longer than the promised 28 days to see the results of the program.

Guarantees and Supports

By joining the program, you will get a guarantee, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which allows you to try out the solution and check out the result within two months. If it fails to provide the promised results, you can get back every single of your penny! Since the feedbacks are positive, and the program offers genuine and effective solution, it might worth to give it a try. You can always get your money back should it fail on you. If you need any support, you can send a message at the help desk.

So, there you go. We hope you have gotten all the necessary information from this Super Sexy Skin review. Who knows? You might be able to get back your inner and outer beauty from this online solution!

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Super Sexy Skin Review

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