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Start Potty Training Program Review – Is It Help?

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Carol Cline

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On September 1, 2014
Last modified:September 10, 2014


Start Potty Training Review - Is It Help?

Free Potty Training In 3 Days VideoProduct Review: Start Potty Training

Product Author: Carol Cline
Rating: Very Good
Overall Rating: 9/10 Stars
Refund Guarantee: 2 Month
Support: Quick

Description: It is true that being a mother is possibly the most challenging job there ever is. It is also the most rewarding, especially when the people you work hard for, your family, appreciates all the hard work that you put in all day and all night.

What is Start Potty Training Guide Program?

Truth be told but when a wife becomes a mother for the first time, she is more often than not, clueless of what is to come. When she first learns that she is pregnant with her first child, she automatically thinks about the joys of being a mother.

Start Potty Training review

Start Potty Training guide

She would always picture herself having loads of fun time with her baby, how cute the baby would become and the many funny baby moments that would come. Of course, there is no fault in that, but being a bit realistic would not hurt either.

Free Potty Training In 3 Days Video3

First time mothers, will almost always fail to see the little details motherhood would entail. These little details actually define the hard work that what motherhood is all about. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking every meal, looking after the kids, making sure that the baby is free from harm, taking the kids to school, taking them to the hospital, and the list goes on, and on, and on. But when you have a really young child, a toddler perhaps, this question would always catch you off-guard, how and when your dear child can be potty trained?

Start Potty Training book

Luckily, there are other people who take these things seriously, and these people are expert on the matter. One of them is Carol Cline. Carol Cline may be the best there is when it comes to potty training. She devised a program solely dedicated to helping mothers how to potty-train their child.

According to her video, she actually did a little research by observing kids in her daycare center. By doing this, she learned what worked and what did not work with different kids, not only her own.This way she claimed that she has developed an effective way of potty training kids in not more than 3 days.

How Happy Todder Start Potty Training can help?

She calls her program, Start Potty Training program. This is basically an easy to follow book with instructions how to potty train your child. It comes with an audio and video version too so you can learn the program in any media that you choose.

The program helps parents who are already sick of changing dirty diapers. By just dedicating a relatively short 3 days of their time, they can already enjoy dry day and night for the rest of their lives. They can also already be spared of embarrassment and the fortune that they spend on buying diapers alone.

A mother’s job could be a lot easier, this program could cut a lot of her time by not having to clean after her child when they make certain problems they may make when they are not potty trained.

Features and Bonuses

The basic Start Potty Training Package includes:

  • Start Potty Training Book
  • Start Potty Training Audio
  • Start Potty Training Video

This ensures that parents could enjoy learning the secrets of this method in their most convenient method. The program is also available in digital formats, meaning it is available in most eReaders such as Kindle, Nook or iPad for a more convenient learning.

The package also includes the following bundles as supplemental materials and support:

  • Free Rewards Charts and Certificates – This is a great supplemental training material for your child. This encourages your child in a fun and rewarding way, making it easier for them to complete the training.
  • Personal Coaching per Hour – Carol Cline herself will answer particular questions about unique questions parents may have about the program.
  • Parenting Guide – Carol Cline understands that potty training is just a small part of the huge part of being a parent. She has included this guide for parents who wants to be prepared on the important things they may encounter through their whole journey and tips on how to overcome it.

Happy Toddlers Start Potty Training Program Review


It is amazing how Carol Cline covers the basics of what most other parents overlook in taking care of their child. Potty training may be a small bump in the road when it comes to parenting, however, it is relatively important that a parent trains their children to save for more important things such as time and money.

The content of the book is well-thought of. It covers observations and facts about understanding your child about this matter and step by step training through her absolutely perfect “Six Building Blocks of Success”. Not only that, Carol Cline is very well invested in the matter that she even extends her help by answering personally, specific questions about the program. If you ask me, that is just totally an utter display of commitment to the consumer.


With a very well thought of product, it is really very hard to point out some things that may come out of hand. I guess in this particular product though, since it depends heavily on the commitment of the parent to train their children, one thing that I may consider a problem would be the amount of time and patience the parent would be willing to spend on their children.

But of course, most parents are in no question devoted to their children, so I guess there should be no problem at all.

Guarantee and Support

The Start Potty Training Program guarantees to have your children potty trained in just 3 days. Not only that, it also covers all of the basics, including instructions on ‘How not to Regress’ through the ‘6 the Six Building Blocks of Success’ that is being taught and detailed in the book.

For those who are still skeptical about buying the product, Carol Cline is willing to make a rather generous deal. The whole package is priced at $37. That is roughly the amount of one pack of diapers. Although for some who are having second thoughts, because it is really unbelievable that you could potty train your child in 3-days, Carol Cline is offering you to try the program for 14 days.

You only have to pay $4.95 for the transaction fee and you will already get the Start Potty Training and all the bonuses included in the package for 14 days. If you still feel not satisfied, she will refund your $4.95, with no questions asked. However, after the 14 day trial and you are completely satisfied, that is the only time that you will be billed the remaining $32 dollars. Just imagine how convenient is that?


Start Potty Training Review - Is It Help?

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