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The Stamina Secret Review – Better Sexual Health

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Product Review: The Stamina Secret

Every man wants to give his partner the best night of her life every time. But what if you fail to deliver that because you can’t last in bed for more than three minutes? It is embarrassing to think of it that way, when you finish too soon, or too late. And while almost everything in the market is clouded with performance enhancing drugs, and root crops that supposed to ‘make it better,’ few are aware that you can improve your stamina using only your mind and body. No drugs, no chemicals.

stamina secret review

The Stamina Secret (thestaminasecret.com) promises that you can be with your woman on cloud nine longer as you progress with the material. They believe that you can improve yourself in bed significantly through an online tutorial system of videos and eBooks. They will help you achieve your ideal stamina, and halt the dreaded premature ejaculation. Overall, it will help you not only with your sex life, but moreover with your relationship with women.

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What is The Stamina Secret?


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Safe and private purchase through ClickBank
  • Electronically available in any format you want
  • Short and precise exercises and techniques will give you just what you need
  • Scientific approach


  • Some do not believe in exercises or techniques in bed
  • Little information about the author
  • Marketing on the website using a video could not work for everyone

The Stamina Secret is an eBook on a course on how to develop your sexual performance using various exercises, principles, and techniques that will help you lengthen your stamina in bed. While the official website displays a long video about the cons of premature ejaculation, it lists some of the tips included in the package, which is talked about in line with science.

It says that premature ejaculation could be caused by a DAT-1 gene, and that it is not really the man’s fault, nor the girl’s hotness. Nevertheless, it can be cured through the techniques discussed in the book. Also, it said that tension, scientifically named ‘myotonia’ is also a cause of early coming. And the last tip is about stamina threshold, which practically said the longer you can go in foreplay, the longer you can last for the real thing. It is proven by Dr. Wilheim Reich.

stamina secrets review


Who is Behind the Stamina Secret?

The Stamina Secret is created by Jim Benson. He shared his story through the site, and he said that he, too, has lost a very special relationship with a woman from her past because of his inability to perform in bed. He noted that he became distant with his girlfriend because of their unsatisfying sex life. And so, after realizing his faults, he goes off all over the world to find the best solution to end his embarrassing problems.

Today, Benson has 20 years’ worth of experience and knowledge on the field, and he has taught more than 55,000 offline about The Stamina Secret. Now he offers it online to reach a wider audience.

The Stamina Secret complete solution


How Does The Stamina Secret Work?

The Stamina Secret puts much emphasis on the thinking and principles of men while they are having sex. It consists of a detailed program with six lessons that include:

  • Orgasm Timing
  • Six Principles to Improve Your Sex Life
  • Dopamine, the Happy Chemical that Causes Premature Ejaculation
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Sexual Confidence and the 10-Minute Process to Achieve It
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the program

Also, it includes a one-hour audio for each lesson, a five to ten minute videos for key physical movements for three days a week that help you prepare for sex. The program is very detailed and will help you step-by-step without going around the bush, just straight to the point.

Extras and Freebies

At a $67 value, will also receive six more materials to help you more in your sex life. It includes:

  • 33 Ways to Touch Her Video, which discusses the many different ways to arouse your woman in bed.
  • Getting Her Wet and Ready Video, which is discussed by a woman sex guru herself.
  • A No BS Guide to Erectile Dysfunction, which talks about the sex in a scientific fashion.
  • Kama Sutra: Sex Position Guide, to help your woman reach her fullest potential to orgasm, too.
  • Tao of Sexual Mastery, a book written by Amazon’s top selling author, Dr. Alex Benzer, who compiled all his learnings from all over the world.
  • And ‘Secret Bonuses’ that will help you more on your journey to sexual satisfaction.

Guaranteed and Supporting


Since the company is covered by ClickBank, it offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. Just give the company an email within that period, and they will refund your money fully within two business days.


If you are struggling with your sex life as a man, or just want to pleasure your woman further, then the Stamina Secret is all but perfect for you. Priced at just $67 in thestaminasecret.com, Jim Benson will walk you through exercises and techniques that will help you achieve the sex performance of a life time, for every night!

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