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Single Girl’s Handbook Review – Scam or Legit?

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On November 14, 2014
Last modified:November 20, 2014


Single Girl’s Handbook Review

What is Single Girl’s Handbook about?

Single Girl’s Handbook is a system that lets women find their Mr. Right in just three simple steps. The author of the e-Book is Bravo Millionaire’s Match Maker, Patti Stanger.

Have You Found Love Yet  Introducing Single Girls  Handbook

She, along with her books have already been featured on various TV shows as well as commended by renowned names like Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Elle, and New York Times.

Single Girl’s Handbook ebook

single girl hand book Single Girl’s Handbook download

How can Single Girl’s Handbook help you?

If you’re still single, tired of always being in the wrong relationship or you simply want the man you’re currently with appreciate you more that he does right now, Single Girls’ Handbook is the system for you.

It will show you a progressing guide on how to capture the heart of that man you have been pinning – regardless of your physical appearance or career state.

Features and Bonuses

Single Girls’ Handbook is pretty much summed up in three surefire steps that can attract the right man for you. The specific techniques, of course, can be found once you have purchased the book.

  1. Start sending out the right signals that attract that guy you want instead of pushing him away – The problem, according to the authors, is that girls often send wrong signals. They thought that these gestures are meant to attract Mr. Right towards them, but the reality is, they are being pushed away.

  2. Remind yourself that you should be just as happy without a man as you are when you are with him – You might have heard of this technique before but your brushed it off thinking that it is silly, after all, what’s wrong with making him think that you are happier with him around? The truth is, when men find out that his girl does not need him to be happy, he works twice as hard. He’ll feel that you can leave him anytime simply because you can. That’ll trigger something in him that will make him want to keep you.

  3. Future pace – Slowly plant the seeds of the future in his head. The goal here is to make him realize that your future is with each other. This is not about tricks and gimmicks of manipulation; it’s about natural methods and strategies.

Other than the three steps, you will also learn about the following when you buy the Single Girl’s Handbook:

  • Red flags – How will you know if the guy you are currently with is not for you? The book will show you specific signs so that there will be no questions left in your mind—you will have to leave him immediately.

  • When is the right time to have sex – Yes, there is a proper time to have sex. It’s not so early in the relationship, and it’s also not too far from the start. You’ll have the exact guidelines on when to take the relationship to bed.

  • Online dating tips – If you’re relying on having a boyfriend through the use online dating sites, how can you immediately attract the good guys? Unknown to a lot of girls, there are three online dating mistakes that you keep on doing, and this drives Mr. Right away. Single Girls’ Handbook will show you what those mistakes are so that you won’t do them, and then it’ll also show you the correct techniques on finding the One through online dating.

  • How to get out of the dating rut and find the right man – So, you managed to know that he’s not the guy for you, how will you get out of it? This section will teach you how to.

  • What men really want from women? – And the million-dollar question will be answered in this part: what do men really want from women? Is it the body? The sass? The success? Find out in the book.

  • Body language tips – When you’re in a room full of women sexier and more successful and prettier than you are, how will you stand out? Simple, through body language. This way, you won’t be scared about rejection because he will be the one to approach you.

  • How to flirt – And when he does approach you, how can you keep him attracted to you? Learn about the surefire ways of making you the only girl to occupy his mind.


  1. Become Fearless Audio – How to not let man make you perceive less about yourself. When you learn to become fearless, men will start noticing you because you don’t crumble even in front of the most intimidating male specimen.

  2. Develop and Winning Attitude – The winning attitude will guarantee that you become a selector when it comes to men, you’ll never run out of choices.

Single Girl’s Handbook Review


  • The first advantage of this product is the Author – Patti Stanger has already made a name for her own as a Match Maker. She’s been featured in articles and television shows. That being said, she has the shining credentials to be trusted.

  • The methods included in the book are very unique – The contents are not a bunch of copy-pasted material that can be found in the internet for free. The format is simple and reader-friendly. The tone of the book is approachable, which adds to the total appeal.

  • It can be used by virtually any female – It does not matter if you’re not that pretty, or you’re not that smart. The program will work for you anyway. It also does not matter if you were previously married, or you’re not that young.

  • Although the methods and strategies are centered on getting an inside view of the male’s psychology, it is also great for girls because the contents are both informative and educational. Not only will it help you get to Mr. Right quickly, you will also understand men in general and why they behave that way sometimes.

  • The system consists of variety—aside from the e-Book, you’ll also receive audios that you can listen to so that you’ll be inspired and motivated even when you’re too busy to read.


  • Single Girl’s Handbook is really a deal because of the content, but some women may find it expensive.

  • And it may be a little unfair for the men because having this book may seem like giving a secret weapon to the girls.

Guarantees and Support

And the greatest thing about the system is you can have it without any risks. If some products can offer a 60 Day Money Back guarantee system, this one can offer you an additional month.

So, you can try it for 90 days—and if, during that period you find no improvement in your love life, you can send them a message to ask for a refund. They will do so without any questions asked.

Single Girl’s Handbook free

Single Girl’s Handbook Review

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