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Secrets On How to Maintain Your Weight Loss As Revealed by TOPS Program

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Yo-yo dieting is one of the common issues that many of us have to face. It is as if we are jumping on a trampoline. The harder we try to lower the weight, the higher it shoots back up after the diet routine.

However, recent research made by the University of Colorado has revealed that it is possible to maintain the weight loss, proven by its national-based TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) program.

Secret to Long Term Weight Loss Discovered

TOPS Program by University of Colorado – A Low-Cost, Sustainable and Permanent Weight Loss Program

Researchers at the University of Colorado gathered over 75,000 volunteers to join its TOPS program and tracked their performances and progresses for a long stretch of seven years.

It is a national research initiative that operated at a low cost of merely $32 per year. As a result of this low-cost weight-loss program, the researchers found out that half of the participants had managed to reduce at least 5% of their body weight in the very first year.

The following six years witnessed up to 62% of the participants had managed to keep the shed pounds off for good. Now, how did they succeed in doing so? It is due to the peer-led strategy used by the program. By having a buddy that will keep you accountable and motivated, it raises the probability of maintaining the ideal body weight for a very long time.

The 7 Creative Methods to Maintain Weight Loss

The TOPS research program has indirectly revealed some of the top secrets on how to maintain our weight loss. Perhaps, you can use them on your weight loss journey and experience similar incredible result achieved by the participants of TOPS program. There will be no more yo-yo effect, and your motivation will remain positive and high throughout the journey.

  1. Have a Workout Buddy to Keep Oneself Accountable

As mentioned earlier, TOPS introduced a concept of peer system that nurtures a sense of accountability within you. You can implement the notion by converting your workout session from a one-man activity into a social endeavor.

Often, due to a time limitation, we prefer to skip our gym session so that we can go out and hang with our friends. Now, instead of skipping your workout session, perhaps you can change things around by inviting your friends over to your gym.

In this way, you will get the benefits of both worlds. You can break a sweat or two and mingle with your friends at the same time. This idea also works well for partners or married couple. A study that involved 4,000 couples done by JAMA Internal Medicine shows that individuals are more likely to stick to a healthy habit (e.g. exercise) if they are to team up with their partner. So, always remember about accountability whenever you wish to maintain your weight loss!

  1. Abide to Strict Eating Schedule

Another success factor of TOPS program lies in its systematic scheduling, check-ups and team meetings. You can follow suit to this scheduling idea by setting your personal eating timeline. Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., the founder of The NY Nutrition Group, a Manhattan-based private practice, said that she has her specific schedule that revolves around foods. Check out for more info on best food for weight loss.

The timing system ensures her to eat within an hour after waking up, eat lunch four or five hours afterward and stop eating two hours before hitting the sack. Experts have proven that by sticking to a strict eating schedule, you will not overeat, and it will become much easier for you to avoid the yo-yo diet.

  1. Adopt Personal Weight Loss Mantra

Coaching and trainer supports are other key factors in the success of TOPS. Jen Comas Keck, NASM Personal Trainer and Owner of Beauty Lies in Strength said that you can also become your personal coach by creating your special motivating mantra.

She encourages us to create a phrase that is personal to us to be able to appreciate and live by it. For example, a phrase like “I feel lighter and healthier every day” can help to motivate us in our weight loss journey. It pushes us to discard negative thoughts that might creep in once in a while and keep us stay on track all the time.

  1. Use Small Plates in Red Colour

Carolyn Brown, MS RD at Foodtrainers NYC, rightfully stated that “the bigger your plate, the bigger your meal.” Hence, it is only clever of us to keep our plate small to eat less and yet still feel full. It does a mind-trick whenever we swap a dinner plate with a salad plate as it convinces us to crave for less food. On top of using a small plate, pick a small, red plate.

A study published in Appetite journal shows that the participant consumed less soda and junk food when their plates and cup were red. Amazingly, the red color signals our mind to stop noshing and consequently eat less than we originally desire.

  1. Apply an Effective Carb Strategy

One of the mistakes that we all tend to commit whenever we are about to go on a diet is cutting our carb intake completely and drastically – it always backfire. Sure, the carb-less meal will cut down our weight but it also comes with negative side effects, which are lethargy and fatigue.

Tim McComsey, a trainer, said that carbohydrates are important for our brain, and central nervous system (CNS) requires them for it to function properly. Therefore, always include some carbs in your meals but remember to consume them moderately. It helps you to stay fuller longer and keep your food craving at a controllable level.

  1. Set Motivating Text Reminder with Your Buddy

Another recent study published in Health Promotion Practice found that people would make a healthier meal and snack choices whenever they received weekly text reminder about calorie budgets and healthy eating habit. You can follow such practice by setting an alarm on your smartphone and label it with motivating reminders such as “You make an-hour-gym-session so easy and fun!” You can also make use of your workout buddy by asking him to send you a daily reminder or diet goals via text messages.

  1. Control Craving with 5-Minute Rule

Research has shown that we all experience cravings for as long as only 10 minutes. What you can do within that period is distracting yourself and doing something else. So, instead of giving in to the cravings, occupy yourself with solving a puzzle or doing a quick craft project. The next thing you know, you will no longer feel the need to munch those cookies or cupcakes!

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