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Psoriasis Revolution Review – Is It Really Help?

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Dan Crawford

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On November 3, 2014
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Psoriasis Revolution Review

What is Psoriasis Revolution about?

Psoriasis Revolution is an e-Book created by Dan Crawford. Dan suffered the irritating and morbid effects of psoriasis for 27 years—this made him even more eager to discover a natural and safe solution to end the skin condition permanently.

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The e-Book is unlike others where in the contents are “fluff” and unhelpful In fact, it is a product of 47,000+ hours of nutritional education on top of the clinical studies.

The book promises immediate and permanent results– and judging by the amount of people giving their positive feedbacks, the product lives up to its promises. Aside from 47,000+ hours spent to make this book, it is also worth mentioning that e-Book is 11 years in the making. Most of the customers also referred to Dan Crawford’s book as the Psoriasis Bible. But the great news is, this book can also cure other skin condition, particularly those that affect the nails.

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How can the product help you?

If you have suffered years and years of embarrassment and irritation because of your psoriasis, this product may be the answer to your prayers. Psoriasis Revolution can help you in a lot of ways, namely:

  • Getting your confidence back—skin problems tend to make you shy. Getting rid of the silver scales, redness and itchiness can solve your problems.

  • Less money out of your pocket – since there will be no need for you purchase medications and attend doctor’s appointments, more money will be saved. The product only requires a one-time payment and it even has a money-back guarantee system.

  • Fear for safety – if you are worried for the safety, this product is harmless. The methods incorporated are 100% natural.

  • It can also help you restore your vitality – since psoriasis also tends to damage other body organs, reversing the bad effects must also be a priority. Psoriasis Revolution guarantees to help reverse other health issues brought about by psoriasis such as arthritis.

  • For those who want to improve their health, the book also has a guide on how to make your lungs, digestive system and heart healthier.

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Features and Bonuses

Once the Psoriasis Revolution System is downloaded, it promises to end your suffering in just a period of one to two months. The book is divided into 3 parts (although the steps included are 7 in total)- under each chapter, you will learn about the following:

  1. Natural methods of getting rid of the dreaded skin condition—although the methods are not yet legalized (meaning, there is no approval from the higher health authorities), most people who have tried the program agreed that it is 100% natural and safe.

  2. Getting back into your comfort zone is easier because the effects of the system are immediate. It means that psoriasis symptoms such as burning sensation, red and itchy skin, as well as scaling can be eliminated without the need to wait for

  3. Other skin conditions are also covered by the system.

  4. Know the techniques by which you can reverse the damages done by psoriasis to your body. These techniques are also all natural, and they even help you become healthier.

  5. There are also methods included that can “enhance” your mood, from being depressed to being at peace.

  6. It also includes a customer support that is reachable 24/7. No need to worry about “not doing things correctly” because the dedicated support team will guide you all throughout.

Psoriasis Revolution Review


  • It is 100% safe – since the methods incorporated in the book are all-natural, there is no need to worry about the safety of your skin or your internal organs. The system will not require you to take any drugs, so you can be assured that chances of adverse reactions from medication will not be a problem.

  • The results of Psoriasis Revolution system are immediate (you jus need 30-60 days), and permanent. Psoriasis patients suffer from burning sensation, red and itchy skin, irritating scaling, or even bleeding. With the use of the natural methods incorporated in the system, you will be granted freedom from these signs and symptoms.

  • It also covers other skin condition such as reverse pitted nails. Even thickened nails with discolorations can be treated using the Psoriasis Revolution system.

  • Due to all the positive effects, you can get your confidence back.

  • Another great thing about the product is that it can reverse the damages. Unknown to many is the medical fact that having skin conditions sometimes also affect the internal organs. By using the techniques in the system, these damages can be reversed, giving you a renewed vitality. The most famous health issue in psoriasis that can also be treated using this system is the arthritis.

  • More than just giving solution to your skin problems, this system will also help you improve the health of you digestive system as well as circulatory system. It aids you into feeling better by diminishing signs of depression and mood swings.

  • All in all, it helps you look and feel healthier, and in the process, making you look beautiful.

  • There are already a lot of people who have submitted photos, claiming that the system has really cured them of their condition.

  • The format of the book is also approachable and professional at the same time. It is very user-friendly. There is also no hassle of shipping costs because it comes with an instant download.


  • The product is quite expensive – $47 dollars is a huge price to pay for just one book with no bonuses. Although, if you take into consideration the fact that it covers not just psoriasis, it may be that the price is worth it.

  • It only comes as an e-Book form. May not be a good idea for people who do not have a device capable of reading the program.

  • No matter how effective the product is, a lot of factors can still hinder the positive effect, including severity and accompanying health issues.

  • There is no other media available—the product does not consist of audio or video files.

Guarantees and Support

For those who are worried, thinking that product is just some scam, and your money will go to waste, worry no more. The product comes with an ironclad 60 day money back guarantee. This is very fitting, seeing that effects of the product can be seen approximately a month or two after starting on the methods. So, if you feel at any point that you are not getting the results you want, you can send the administrator a message asking them to return your money. They will deposit the full amount.

For inquiries about the product, you can reach the author in this e-mail address: support@psoriasisrevolution.com.

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Psoriasis Revolution Review

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