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Omega Body Blueprint Review – Scam or Legit?

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On May 19, 2015
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John Romaniello, a New York Times bestselling fitness author will guide you how to achieve your most desired figure with the Omega Body Blueprint.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to lose those last few pounds? Have you ever tried different diet plans but none of them seem to work?

omega body blueprint review

Why it’s so hard to burn and get rid of the fats in some areas of your body? Why is it that you can’t seem to shave off those few pounds off to reach your ideal figure?

John Romaniello, a New York Times bestselling fitness author will guide you how to achieve your most desired figure with the Omega Body Blueprint Review.

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What is Omega Body Blueprint program all about?

The Omega Body Blueprint Review will give you more information as to why some exercises don’t actually work for stubborn fat loss. Fat burning exercises are included in the program and you will be amazed at how effective it will be.

The training method in the program will have you in awe as to how simple it is to follow without breaking your back from too much strain in your usual training. The best training methods for fast fat loss that will help replace those stubborn fats with muscles.

In the Omega Body Blueprint Review, the author will break down every piece of information to you.

  • Starting with those exercise regimens and how it can confuse a lot of people. Not all of these exercises are targeted or effective in fat loss. You will gain better understanding with the help of Omega M.R.T. circuit. Since each of these circuits target fats in your body and prevent them from coming back.
  • You will also be more knowledgeable regarding nutrition and diet. There are lots of myths in diet and nutrition and it will be revealed to you.
  • Hormones also play a great role in fat loss, with the Omega Hormone Optimization, understanding how hormones and your body work together to achieve fat loss makes exercise and dieting so much more effective.

What’s included in the program?

The Omega Body Blueprint is divided into six different components for the users to easily understand and follow the program.

  • The Omega Body Blueprint Training Manual: All the workouts in the program are included here. With 6 weeks of the course and 24 hormonal response training regimen that you can easily follow.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Work Out Charts: When you work out, keeping track is the best to see if you have improved or not. With the work out charts you can easily track your exercise regimen. How many reps, sets and even some notes in the program for you to remember.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Calculator: Nutrition and proper diet paves way for a healthier body. This module is going to make sure your body gets the nutrition it needs to give you that needed boost while burning fat.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Manual: All the hormonal optimization, fat loss diet and guides are in this manual.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Supplement Guide: Some supplements can either help or just be a waste of money. In this guide you will get to know which ones are effective and which ones aren’t.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Quick Start Check List: This is the last part of the program. It’s a checklist from all the training and modules from the very beginning of the program and how you’ll be able to start right away.

omega body blueprint program honest review

My thoughts on the Omega Body Blueprint Review

I am just your average Joe whose been struggling with weight loss all my life. I can still remember my college years, I was way too heavy, it was affecting my health and my confidence. I felt so ashamed every time I walk across the hall, I felt like people were watching me and judging me because of my weight.

I decided that it’s time for that to change, that I have to make a change and take charge of my body. I started dieting and exercising at the local gym. There I met new friends and a lot of awesome people who have inspired me to push myself more.

I was able to shave off almost 75 pounds in almost a year, but it seems I got stuck and not able to remove the rest of these unwanted fats. I tried another diet plan, another exercise regimen, though some of them are actually good, I can’t still get rid of them.

I came across the Omega Body Blueprint while researching more ways to achieve results from diet and exercise. Though I was skeptical at first, I gave in to curiosity and the need to get rid of stubborn fat from problem areas in my body. I followed the program designed by John Romaniello and holding on to the promise to achieve optimum results.

I am following the diet plan from the program and I can feel my metabolism is getting better. I also included the exercise and fitness plans from the program to my routine. I was blown away by the changes in my body and how it has affected me as a person, I am now more confident and I feel so much better about myself ever since I started. Right now I am in my ideal weight, I was able to burn all the stubborn fat away.

Pros and Cons of the program

I can’t find any cons in the program; it’s an effective fat burning regimen that anyone can follow. Regardless of age, race or sex; the program is for everyone. However, the program is not for people who are easily motivated but get tired and lazy afterwards. If you want to make this work for you then you have to be constant and persistent.  To achieve results you have to follow the program to the last module. This is not a miracle program; it will work depending on the effort you put in.

You can also get your Omega body, the finished body, the body that you’ve been vying for ever since with the help of this program. I’d recommend it to anyone who is struggling with losing those few kilos that’s been hindering them from attaining that fit figure.

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John Romaniello, a New York Times bestselling fitness author will guide you how to achieve your most desired figure with the Omega Body Blueprint.

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