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Jewelry Designer Manager vs Bead Manager Pro – Jewelry Inventory Software Review

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Are you making Jewelry?

Do you in need of software to running a business?

Get yourself a copy of Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software to help automate your business, saving you with tons of time and money. Even more, I am going to give you the full review of another program called: “Jewelry Designer Manager” .

This is a review for Bead Manager Pro and compares its features to Jewelry Designer So you can decide for yourself which program is better for you.

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download bead jewelry manager

  1. What is Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software?
  2. How Will Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software Benefit You?
  3. Pro & Cons of Bead Manager Pro Jewelry compare to Jewelry Designer Manager.
  4. What other people say about Bead Manager Pro Jewelry?

What is Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software?

Bead Manager Pro Jewelry is guaranteed to support you with your Jewelry business so you can run smoothly. Software was built in with the award winning Filmmaker Pro framework and database, and more over, you can run both on Windows and Mac Operating systems. To help you get started easily and right way, please see your videos for instructions and tutorials.

Bead Manager Pro was created after surveying hundreds of readers and also jewelry makers around many of cities. And we also going through online surveys to make a program that would offer all of the necessary features they would like.

How Will Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software Benefit You?

Bead Manager Pro jewelry software is come in handy for both of Operating system Mac and Windows ( no other software require ). Bead Manager Pro comes with much of saving time features for any busy Beader and jewelry makers that are guaranteed to help and take jewelry business to a completely different level.

Some of these features are:

  • Instant stock tracking for level and inventory management.
  • Auto making pricing of your completed jewelry pieces.
  • Record Customer Activity and notification of the dates.
  • Import/Export to Excel format.
  • Easy to printed out labels, making invoices and catalogs.
  • Notes and storage archive for designs details.
  • Easy to create Backup for all the data.
  • Tracking and Invoice management.
  • Tracking for Vendor tracking.

You can also help to promote you on various of social platform,, and it compatible for all of the country currency.

You also get the free updates for life.

Watch Our videos for more details

Pro & Cons of Bead Manager Pro Jewelry compare to Jewelry Designer Manager.

In fairness, there are many great features compare between Jewelry Designer Manager and Bead Manager Pro as essentially they are both designed for beater and jewelry maker job. However, Bead Manager Pro is created on a much easier operating platform to use, and it’s is said to be, easier to operate by many of users.

One more thing, there is a difference in price for both of software. While Bead Manager Pro is $127 to get the same functionality with JDM, JDM has 3 versions to go, and you would have to get the premium version called Deluxe, which mean you almost need to pay twice of the price.

download bead jewelry manager

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, Bead Manager Pro Jewelry running on both platforms on Windows and Mac so there is no additional, software need to run on Mac while JDM requires virtual PC called Vmware fusion to run.

We are also very particular about inventory and for the tracking system. With Bead Manager Pro, you can track parts easily and see for which one went into an assembled jewelry piece and also with other wasted materials.

What other people say about Bead Manager Pro Jewelry?

“It’s a breeze to use and very helpful in taking care of my business: from the settings to the billing!”

Eliano Fiore – Tokyo Japan


bead jewelry manager review bead jewelry manager review emreview_testimonials_1

“I love the software, it does everything I need I need and many more!”

Tania Grech

“Everyone with a jewelry business got to get this program!!”

Jennifer Murray
Studio Seventy Five Jewelry

download bead jewelry manager

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