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Friend Bomb Formula Review – Is It Working?

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On August 29, 2014
Last modified:September 1, 2014


Friend Bomb Formula Review - Is It Working?

Product Review: Friend Bomb Formula Review

What is Friend Bomb Formula about?

 Friend Bomb Formula is all about helping a man get the girl she wants, for whatever reasons he wants her. If you’re a man who simply wants to have a regular supply of hot sex—this product is perfect for you.

Friend Bomb Formula Review

On the other hand, if you are a man who is ready to settle down and wants nothing more than a devoted girlfriend, this program will also help you.

It consists of several features that are proven effective by many men—and even women.

The Friend Bomb  - Turn Women You Already Know Into Girlfriends

How can Friend Bomb Formula help you?

If you are tired of always being in the friend zone and for once in your life, you found the girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with- Friend Bomb Formula can help you. However, if you are still not willing to let go of your carefree life and just want to have fun every night, this system can also help you get the girl you want.

Friend Bomb Formula pdf Friend Bomb Formula download

The key here is that the product can get you any girl you want. It does not matter if you don’t know her—by the end of the day she will be coming home with you. Or if what you want is the girl you are secretly crushing on, this product also works!

If the girl you like has rules, she will break those rules for you! Whether your goal is to have a hot sex or have a devoted girlfriend, the system will help you.

Reason why men and women can’t be friend:

Features and Bonuses

What will you get once you purchase the Friend Bomb Formula? Take a look at all these features:

  • Know about the simple question that you should always use when engaging in a conversation. This question will get her to be more interested in you—even when you are not her type.
  • Know more about emotional contagion. It’s about the fact that girls become instantly attracted to you when they know that you are attracted to them. You can use it to your advantage when trying to hook up with a pretty girl.
  • Attraction Grenade will enable to you to make any girl jealous. It will have her think that you are seeing someone else, even when you aren’t and this jealousy will make her more aggressive. You can do all this by just changing one simple thing in your body language.
  • The Man that doesn’t Count – is a feature best suited for girls who always have rules. This will teach you how to be exempted in her rules.
  • Obsession Formula – will show you a trick that will get you laid. This trick will only take 45 short seconds!
  • Temptation Time Machine – will show you methods on how to play with a girl’s memory, making her think that she likes you from the very beginning. It will also make her forget about the friend zone talks that you’ve had.
  • Magic Mirror Trick – if you’re having trouble thinking that you don’t look good enough, this feature will show you tricks that can make any girl think that you are the sexiest man to enter the room.
  • Zero Escalation – is the best feature of friend bomb. This method will make you tricks invisible. You can use the program over and over again and she will know nothing about it!

friend bomb reviews

Friend Bomb Formula Review


  • Friend Bomb Formula gives you all the opportunities you need to correct your mistakes. So even if the girl you like has not talked to you for years, you will still be able to get her back.
  • It’s good for a man’s both needs. Men need two things—the first is to get laid and the second is to have a steady girlfriend. This program will show you techniques on how to achieve both.
  • Practically invisible – you don’t have to worry about rejection because you won’t be approaching the girl. The methods make it in such a way that the girl will approach you—without them knowing that you made them do it!
  • It does not discriminate between girls – it does not matter if the girl is someone you know, a stranger or you workmate—the techniques will work!


  • It may be offensive for females- since this is like having a psychological game, girls may be offended, they may not know it, but they are being played by boys who may want nothing more than just get in her pants.
  • Although the product promises to work on any girl, it still holds little truth. Each girl is unique, thus, certain tricks may not work on her even when it worked for others.

Guarantees and Support

You can try Friend Bomb Formula for 60 days. If at one point, you think that it’s not getting you the results you want, or if you feel like you cannot perform the tricks, you can just send them a message asking for your money back. They will return it without asking questions.

Friend Bomb reviews Friend Bomb Formula Reviews

Friend Bomb Formula Review - Is It Working?

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