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FB Graphic Magic Review – Is it Real or Scam?

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Review of: FB Graphic Magic

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On April 10, 2015
Last modified:April 10, 2015


FB Graphic Magic Review

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms across the globe. With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most sought-after marketing and advertising tool.

FB Graphic Magic

It is no surprise why most online marketers, even owners of brick and mortar stores, would target users of such platform. There is really no shortage of clients waiting to buy your products on Facebook.

But the BIG question is, how will you attract these people to purchase your offers? It’s simple, use attractive graphics to get their attention. And by that, here is our full and unbiased FB Graphic Magic Review that will give you the idea how you can maximise your FB page and earn generously through impressive graphic designs.


Read on to know further details about the FB Graphic Magic.

What is FB Graphic Magic about?

Developed by Christopher Clemons, the FB Graphic Magic is the latest and most unique software that strives nothing but to help you generate a steady cash flow from your products sold thru Facebook. While that claim may seem outrageous or simply unbelievable, the FB Graphic Magic has invaluable strategies which will allow you to achieve so.

No one said it will be easy to brand yourself on Facebook. In fact, it takes a professional level of technical competence and skills to be able to create a brand suitable enough to get the attention of consumers. Not only do you have to think of the best image ratio for your cover, but you also have to figure out the best fonts, vector images, patterns, logos and other graphics that will make your fan page stood above the rest – without using copyright images.

More so, you have to come up with contemporary designs that can make your visitors trust your brand and purchase whichever products you offer.

But, how would that even be possible if you don’t have the funds to buy and study Photoshop or you lack the time to do so? Worse, you are not endowed with the designing skills and how much you try to learn all the designing tools, you just keep on failing.

With all these challenges, Christopher Clemons, the ultimate brain behind the FB Graphic Magic, provides you the answer. With FB Graphic Magic, he guarantees you of a cheaper, faster, and more effective alternative that will allow you to overcome all the hurdles in your path.

FB Graphic Magic Program

How can FB Graphic Magic help you?

Through FB Graphic Magic your designing skills are not put into waste even if this app already has everything in store for you. You can start creating impressive cover, coupons and ads on Facebook in minutes. You need not be a seasoned designer in order to do so. The new FB Graphic Magic App allows you to produce stunning designs even if you are a beginner.

You need not step on the smartest marketers online just to gather a handful of potential customers. Moreover, the FB Graphic Magic does not require you to devote a substantial amount of time and money in order to come up with the best Facebook marketing strategy.

With this breakthrough program you are always sure of being in the loop. There will never be a day you’ll be left out in the latest marketing trend.

Here are some fabulous things to expect from the program:

  • No need to struggle in becoming an authority on Facebook.
  • Never suffer a single day again churning fan pages after one another.
  • Create a strong brand for all your fan pages.
  • Be a PRO in an instant with the least effort from your part.
  • Reach a myriad of users in whatever niches you specialise
  • Drive more traffic every single day on your page, thereby increasing sales.

FB Graphic Magic Review

FB Graphic Magic In-Depth Review – What are its Pros and Cons


  • For as low as $7, the FB Graphic Magic offers a comprehensive online software that is jam-packed with training resources and supplementary materials. All instructions are easy to understand.
  • While most online marketers have invested a great deal of their time and money in Facebook marketing for years, the FB Graphic Magic would not allow you to do it. This new app contains nearly everything you need to effectively market your products on Facebook.
  • The software was developed after Christopher Clemons realized how countless of people are failing to seize the benefits of Facebook marketing. With FB Graphic Magic, online marketing is made easy. You can finally increase your brand authority, develop complete user engagement, and boost your sales.
  • Not only can you release your highly customised Facebook cover, coupons, ads, fan pages and other graphics, you can also provide a strongly in demand solution to consumers in the offline and digital realm.
  • With FB Graphic Magic you can instantaneously deliver stunning Facebook design to numerous clients while collecting up generous cheques for your hardwork. You’ll be finally seeing your bank account grow and grow every single day.


  • There’s only one major disadvantage about this software, it is only downloadable from its official website. You cannot buy a copy of this tool in any local IT stores. The program is also available for a limited time offer.

Features and Bonuses:

The complete FB Graphic Magic package comes with incredible surprises that will surely delight you creative juices.

  • 400+ Built-in Graphics – Take advantage of over 400 high resolution graphic images that you can freely choose from to meet your design needs.
  • Easy Drag and Drop – Create a multitude of stunning overlay graphics in the least possible time even if you are a total beginner in the design industry. You just have to launch the software and you are completely good to go.
  • Power User Features – Be the authority when managing features of the software. Plus, freely save your designs on the cloud for future edits and purposes.
  • 200 Fanpage Templates – This includes facebook covers, fangates, milestones, posts and tabs. Just edit the text, add your desired images and get your fanpage up and running in minutes.

Money-Back Guarantee:

The developer guarantees your satisfaction and by that he is offering a risk-free investment with his 60-day 100% refund policy. Should you not be happy with the results within 60 days of your purchase, you can ask for your money back.

fb graphic magic download

FB Graphic Magic Review

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