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Fast Food Solution Review – Healthy Cooking Solution

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Product Review: Fast Food Solution

Eating food has been made easy these days with the existence of fast food franchises that exist all over the places. However, those foods — as cheap, fast and tasty as they are — are not necessarily healthy to our bodies.

fast food solution review


Fast Food Solution program is an online product that seeks to reveal the scams, orchestrated by most major franchises and food manufacturers. If you are interested to learn more about this program, you might want to read this Fast Food Solution review till the end.

Fast Food Solution reviews - get healthy

What Is Fast Food Solution?

Fast Food solution is a food program that will teach you the most perfect and healthy cooking solution — in less than 15 minutes and below $5. This online solution, which costs $35, seek to show you how easy it is to cook your own healthy ‘fast food’ at home and not being scammed by eating at the commercial fast-food restaurant.


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Unlike any conventional cookbook, Fast Food solution uses the latest technology of high-definition videos to show you how to cook the easiest, quickest and cheapest healthy recipes. Two of its founders — Nick Pineault and Geneviève Gauvin — designed the course with the purpose of making it real simple and fast.

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In this Fast Food solution, there are six modules that you will have to follow. Those modules are:

  • Module 1Healthy or not?
    • You will learn what fat-burning foods that you should eat. This module will also brief you on saturated fat and the real truth about it.
  • Module 2Fast Food Kitchen.
    • You will learn what food you should keep in your refrigerator and what not. You will also discover the five cheap ingredients that will last forever in your fridge.
  • Module 3 Good Morning.
    • This module will show you how to prepare the most healthy and fast fat-burning meals such as Hot Quinoa, Stovetop Cookies and Smarter French Toast. You will also learn the truth about fruit juice — how unhealthy it is!
  • Module 4 Grab A Bite.
    • In this module, Gen will teach you how to cook fast and healthy lunch meals. Additionally, you will also learn the best bread for your sandwich and reason you should avoid having certain salad packs.
  • Module 5What’s for Dinner?
    • From this 5th module, you will know how to prepare a quick and healthy dinner. This module will reveal the 3 ingredients that you should avoid having in your meal.
  • Module 6I am Starving.
    • In this last module, Fast Food Solution will teach you how to prepare healthy snacks in the right way. You will know the types of snacks that you should get at the convenience stores.

fast food solution program

These six modules are accessible via the online cooking system. The online system is available 24/7, and you can use your smart phones or laptops to view them. Plus, you will also be able to join the VIP Facebook group and mingle with other users.

Besides than the six modules, Fast Food Solution provides six additional bonus materials. If you would like to know what those bonuses are, have a look at our Bonus section in this Fast Food Solution review.

In this Fast Food Solution review, we will let you know how this online solution can help you in eating healthy.

  1. Cook your own healthy, delicious and quick meals.
  2. Get the pleasing side-effect, which is fat loss.
  3. Receive access to lots of healthy recipes.
  4. Save your monthly budget by cutting down your grocery bills.
  5. Avoid the overpriced, difficult-to-cook and time-consuming healthy food.
  6. Avoid food scams and learn how to cook smarter.

Features & Bonus in Fast Food Solution

With an original price of $97, this fast food solution is currently being offered at a discounted price of $35. Plus, you will also receive six additional bonus materials such as:

  • Save Money Module – Learn how to buy healthy food with less cost.
  • Cook Faster Module – Learn tips on how to cook healthy food in the quickest way.
  • Shop Smarter Module – Learn how to reduce the cost of your grocery bill.
  • Get Organized Module – Learn how to create your own healthy meal planners.
  • Stay Motivated Module – Receive personal coaching from Gen and stay motivated.
  • Cook For Kids Module – Learn what ingredients to add into your kids’ meals.

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Fast Food Solution Reviews

We have gathered several feedbacks in this Fast Food Solution review in order to help you to make a decision whether to enrol in this program or not.

Fast Food Solution videos

  • Shawna Kaminski found the recipes shared were informative and helpful. She can now prepare her own delicious and healthy meals.
  • Denise Gomez said that after following the solution, she has lost her weight, and her overall health is getting better through time.
  • Teri Shaw said that her grocery bills had gone down after following the six modules in Fast Food Solution.
  • Sylvia Favela, a Pilates coach, loved how the courses helped her to cook healthy food in less than 5 minutes.

Guarantees & Supports in Fast Food Solution

Fast Food Solution comes with a 100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee that lasts for a whole one year! Therefore, you will have 12 months to give this fast food solution a try and make a claim if you do not see any good results out of it.

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How to request for a refund, you ask? Well, you just need to send an email to the support system, and you will get back your money instantly — no questions asked!

Sales 2 – Fast Food Solution13

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