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Frank Bell’s Family Self Defence Review – Defend Your Self

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Frank Bell

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On August 22, 2014
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Frank Bell's Family Self Defence Review - Defend Your Self

Product Review: Family Self Defence System

What is Family Self Defence about?

The product is about giving you the upper hand in dangerous situations such as having attackers in the middle of the night with a gun pointed at your head.

Family Self Defence reviews

Family Self Defence System consists of an e-Book manual and instructional one-hour DVD that will show you some simple moves that can save you and your family’s life.

Family Self Defence download

Family Self Defence system

How can Family Self Defence help you?

If you feel that you are in deep need of protection, but lack the money to attend professional martial arts lessons or hire an expert body guard, this product can be a big help. Not will it only protect you, it will also show you how to protect your family against heartless attackers.

On top of that, if you are a person who becomes easily nervous when faced with a dangerous situation, this product will show you strategies on how to be calm and collected amidst the peril.

Family Self Defence system frank bell

Family Self Defence dvd

Features and Bonuses

So, what’s in it for you after deciding that yes, you want to enroll in the Family Self Defence system frank bell? You will learn about the following:

  • How you should not use your fists when faced with an attacker. Using your fists can only aggravate your defenselessness because you can injure yourself with one wrong punch. The system will show you other possible moves that have zero danger of hurting yourself, but are quicker to execute and more effective for protection. Forget about what martial artists tell you, they too make this mistake.
  • How to become lazy and still be able to learn moves that can protect you and your own family. Imagine, even while you are watching TV, you’ll be able to learn these moves!
  • How to have eyes at the back of your head. No, not in the literal sense, but the system will help you expand your visual field that you will be able to be aware about what’s happening around you. It is very useful in case you have many attackers.
  • Maximize the use of the body’s natural fulcrum. It means that you need just a couple of twists to your joints and you will be able to take down bigger opponents.
  • Be completely protected in just 2 seconds when a gun is pointed directly at you. The moves in this system will help you protect yourself even when you’re completely lying in bed at a gun-point.
  • Know how to free yourself when the attackers tie you up. The simple moves will give you the advantage of untying yourself without them knowing anything about it.
  • What is the best fighting move than can win your fight against attackers?

family self defence system program

You will also receive three bonus gifts when you purchase the product:

  • Mental Toughness – it will teach you how to have a strong will power and emotion even when faced with the most dangerous situation.
  • Fitness – simple exercise and stretches – consists of 2-minute workouts that can make you quicker and other 2-minute exercises that can help you burn fat.
  • Vital Checklist – it will teach you about the 37 things that you must have in your homes so that you can be fully protected.
  • Some others tips to protect your family.

Family Self Defence Reviews


  • Family Self Defence DVD is perfect for almost everyone. It does not matter if you are old, or you lack knowledge about martial arts, or even if you are completely out of shape. The moves taught in this system are easy that even older people with arthritis can take down bigger attackers.
  • Unlike other martial arts lesson, it will give you direct instructions on how not to be nervous while facing gravely dangerous situations. You don’t have to worry about freezing up; you just need to learn how to properly use your adrenaline pump. The product will show you how.
  • The instructions are laid out in such a way that it will be easy to understand. There are books to read and instructional DVD to follow along; you don’t have to worry about doing it wrong.
  • Family Self Defence method is cheap. $37 is a good price to pay to have an upper hand in unexpected situations.


  • At one point it will give you false security that when you enrol in the program, your family will be completely safe. The truth is, you should never just rely on single formula—it is still advisable to have backup education like formal martial arts.
  • You need to have good internet connection for this product—not good for those who don’t have internet access.

Guarantees and Support

Family Self Defence program is risk-free. You can pay for it, try it for 2 months, and if ever you feel like it’s not doing enough for you and your family’s protection, send the author an e-mail asking for a refund. He will deposit the amount without asking any questions.

If you have questions, just click the Contact link at the bottom of the product site, fill up the form and hit submit message.

Family Self Defence system scam Family Self Defence reviews

Frank Bell's Family Self Defence Review - Defend Your Self

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