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Too Much Exercise Can Cause Blood Poisoning As Discovered by Monash University Researchers

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A group of scientist from Monash University discovered that extreme exercise can create a negative impact on the lining of our gut and consequently leads to blood poisoning.

Extreme exercises are events that require you to perform physical actions for more than four hours and several continuous days. Such consequence can create a life-threatening effect especially to those who are not fit enough to undergo the extreme endurance exercises (e.g. marathon, cycling, and mountain climbing).

How extreme exercise can lead to blood poisoning in those not fit enough for it

The Fatal Effects of High Endurance Exercises

Dr. Ricardo Costa from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University led a group of researchers in finding the effect of extreme exercises to a beginner.

The researchers from the University stated that forcing your body to an extreme activity can cause a leakage of poisonous fragments of intestinal bacteria into your bloodstream. And with the help of engineering, we can figure out the bottleneck of Blood poisoning.

The bacterium may burst and disintegrate and hence creating a release of such toxin into our blood – a medical situation called sepsis. Sepsis, which typically happens due to wound infection, can be highly fatal.

The scientists started their study by identifying the main link between extreme exercise and the stress it can create to gut. In this study, they monitored participants of 24-hour ultra marathons and multi-stage marathons who run for several consecutive days.

As a result from its breakthrough research, the work of the researchers has been featured in several highly acclaimed journals and publications, namely known as International Journal of Sports and Exercise Immunology Reviews.

The Real Causes Behind Toxin Leakage into Internal Bloodstream

After performing the study and diagnosing the before-and-after blood sample, they concluded that the prolonged endurance activity had caused the integrity of the gut wall to be compromised, creating a possibly fatal leakage.

Specifically, they discovered that such compromise has caused a naturally present bacterium called endotoxins to leak into the blood stream. Such bacterial outflow inevitably causes our natural systemic inflammatory to response and trigger a healing action.

It is a result of our immune response from the body’s immune cell thinking that serious infection is about to hit our body. With the high substance of harmful bacteria and their toxins in our blood tissues, which are normal in the event of extreme leakages, death could occur if not treated promptly.

Plus, the inflammatory responses can create damage and failure to multiple organ systems inside our body such as brain, lungs, skin, and abdominal organ.

The Natural Self-Defense of Active and Fit People Against Blood Poisoning

While this natural phenomenon can highly affect those who are not familiar with the extreme exercises, the well-trained folks have a better biological defense.

Their body have developed an ideal immune mechanism that counteracts well with the leakage without experiencing any negative side effects. Dr. Costa said that the body of the fit people could adapt to the extreme adventures and apply immediate break to negative immune responses. He also added that such natural self-defense is not readily available in those who are less fit or have not done any training.

That is the reason we do not often see any death occurrence amongst avid triathlon runners or marathoners. Their system knows how to response to the extreme workouts and hinder any bacterial rupture to take place.

Also, the research team has discovered that people who have trained for a long period produce a higher level of Interleukin 10. It is an anti-inflammatory agent inside our body that helps to dampen the harmful immune response.

The Next Phase of the Research

Dr. Costa’s research team is set to perform the next phase of the research – to investigate and plan a workable set of strategies to manage the symptoms of gut damage caused by extreme exercise and heat stress.

Furthermore, the scientists are also looking forward to expanding the current experiment, hoping to be able to understand further the link between extreme endurance events to gut functionality and integrity. They seek to understand to which degree of extreme exercise, with or without sun heat, can the incident of blood poisoning occur.

Suggestions to Avoid Toxin Leakage and Blood Poisoning

With these new findings, the scientists from Monash University have come up with several solutions and guidelines. These suggestions apply to many new runners, especially those who will participate in extreme endurance events under the scorching heat of the sun and without much training.

They suggested those who are about to participate in a long marathon or other highly endurance activity to undergo comprehensive medical checkups.

  • It is to find out the current state of their health, which could not be normally diagnosed by regular observance. To avoid the Toxin in Plastic.
  • Plus, it is also highly recommendable to perform a slow and steady training program, months before the real event.
  • It is to avoid creating an unnecessary shock to your body and internal system. This early training program will help tremendously in building your stamina and fitness.

You will be able to train your body to meet the stresses and strains that extreme activities usually create. So, the next time you are about to participate in an extreme exercise that run more than four hours and on repetitive days, make sure you take these suggestions into consideration!

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