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Diabetes Destroyed Review – See What is Inside?

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If you’re reading this article, chances are, you or someone who is very dear to you is suffering from Diabetes Mellitus.

It is only normal that you want to take away your or their illness; after all, you’re only going to live this life once and you want it to be lived beautifully. Beautifully does not include living a restrictive life because of a metabolic condition. Please head over to this article for full details of Diabetes Destroyed Reviews & Guide.

Diabetes Destroyed Review

diabetes destroyed program


What is Diabetes Destroyed Program about?

This is what Diabetes Destroyed is all about. It is a book created by Ricky Everett, an athlete who has experienced the danger of almost being killed because of diabetes. The system promises that just within 28 days, you’ll be diabetes free.

How can Diabetes Destroyed PDF help you?

Just give the Diabetes Destroyed Program 28 days and it will be able to help you become diabetes free. The e-Book contains a very easy to follow format for a 28-day protocol. You will find a table with two columns—he first is the Day number (from 1 to 28) and beside them is the recommended food that you will have to eat. That’s it.

The food lists are composed of three groups—Niacin, Vitamin C, Tryptophan and B-Group Vitamins. Their importance will be discussed later in the review. Also included in the book is the proper preparation of the food so that the absorption of needed nutrients is maximized.

Features and Bonuses

If there’s one thing very appealing about the product, it is that it features all the truth about Diabetes. One of them is the dilemma of finding out that your doctor is not helping you. Sure, you cannot generalize all the licensed MDs as money-centered professionals, but you have to be honest to yourself—why will they cure someone if they charge him or her all throughout his or her life?

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Diabetes Destroyed book will be explaining a lot of truths about Diabetes and most of them are not good news. There’s a really good section about statistics on how much people were killed by this disease in the top countries affected. See all the numbers and appreciate it. If you continue to not look for an authentic cure, you will be one of those figures. Or may be not you, may be someone you love, which must be even worse.

Under that section is a part where it is explained why diabetes can kill. It can affect major organs such as the heart (and blood vessels), the kidneys and the nerves. Just imagine this—let diabetes progress and you’ll receive not one disease, no, you’ll get a lot and most of them can be life-threatening.

Another truth discussed is how costly diabetes is and how it can affect anyone, at least anyone who is not careful enough. Medications, checkups, shots, tests, and diet restrictions: all these things can be experienced not just by your grandfather, your youngest son or daughter can be subjected to these pocket-burning things.

Other truths discussed in the Diabetes Destroyed are the following:

  • Eating a lot of sugar will not cause you to have diabetes – there is only one specific kind of sugar that you have to avoid

  • The recommended special diabetic food for you should only be eaten in moderation – First because they don’t actually benefit you and second because they are costly

  • No matter how big you become, obesity will not cause diabetes – they are known as Metabolically Healthy Obese, and unless genes have to play a role, they are safe from Diabetes.

  • There is no need for insulin – More than half of Diabetics can survive even with just the use of oral medications, as long as they follow a friendly diet and exercise routine.

Another important Feature of the system is the discussion about FFA or the free fatty acids. Diabetes Destroyed system bravely announced that the cause of diabetes is not sugar—it is FFA. Studies have shown that FFA has the ability to stop the production of insulin and/or make the body resistant to insulin.

It is also discussed that niacin-based medications can get rid of FFA, however it is banned because of the dangers it can cause if taken in excess. The book will then tackle about other ways of getting Niacin into your body without the fear of side-effects.

You will receive a list of how much Niacin (in milligrams) is recommended to a certain age group and another list of foods that you can eat which contain niacin—all with specific milligrams.

Last but not the least; the book has prepared a set of recipes for you to follow so that while you are trying the protocol, you won’t feel as if you’re deprived of delicious meals. The book included 10 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also 5 recipes for desserts and drinks.

Diabetes Destroyed testimonial

Diabetes Destroyed Review – Pros & Cons


  • It has a really good introduction – Most people ignore introductions thinking that it’s just a bunch of greetings with no actual use. Diabetes Destroyed is different. It discusses what Diabetes really is in such a way that ordinary (that is, not medically inclined) people will have the grasp that they need to be both informed and motivated.

  • The format of the book is very organized—the discussion progresses to simplest to the most complex and there are even summaries at the end of each chapter so that you’ll be reminded of what have been emphasized.

  • Diabetes Destroyed has a very strong scientific and medical basis. – The book has included research studies that provide “proofs” that FFA can really cause insulin resistance.

  • The book is brutally honest – which is a very good characteristic that proves that the system cares for the people and not for money. It may surprise you that the book will give you 7 of the most common anti-diabetic pills prescribed by doctors and what dangers they are capable of to your health.

  • The book goes the extra mile – aside from listing foods that contain niacin, it will also provide you with a list of foods that contain other essential vitamins and minerals like Tryptophan (helps in insomnia, weight loss and depression), Vitamin C (antioxidant), B-Group Vitamins (good in reversing diabetes). All of these nutrients, together with niacin, will assist you in getting rid of diabetes forever.

  • The recipes in the book are all tasty, the ingredients are easy to find, and the instructions are well-written.


  • The book lacks bonuses, but since the content is packed with useful and effective information, it makes up for it.

  • It’s a little expensive for a single product.

Guarantees and Support

You can try the Diabetes Destroyed system for 60 days and if you ever find it to be ineffective, you can send them a message and ask for a refund.


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