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Combat Bundle Review – Scam or Legit?

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Review of: Combat Bundle

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On November 7, 2014
Last modified:November 9, 2014


Combat Bundle Review

What is Combat Bundle about?

Combat Bundle is a system that involves 72 other products. The main goal is for people who purchase it become fighters. It can be for sports or for self defense. As you preform the routines in the bundle, you’ll also come across other pertinent information that can also tend to your interest. Good examples are how to lose weight, or learning a form of martial arts.

Combat Bundle Review

The 72 products are divided into 8 sections depending on where you’ll want to concentrate (nutrition, self defense, for women..). The bundle is only available for a limited time.

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How can Combat Bundle help you?

If you want to become a professional athlete, or if you want to become a combat fighter, this product will help you achieve your goals. The same is true if what you want is just to be fit and healthy. The system has a complete set of self-defense training, nutrition, martial arts, for flexibility and mobility.

Features and Bonuses

Why is the product named Combat Bundle? Well, it’s because one product is composed of A LOT od individually sold systems in the internet. You’ll get them all in a very discounted price. Here’s a list of what Combat Bundle is all about:

  1. Fitness – the goal of this section is to build lean muscles, lose the extra pounds, and improve cardio. This is also called “Fit as a Fighter” collection. You will have 22 individually sold programs that include the following:

    1. Isometric Strength – a book report with video tutorials about building isometric strength in as short as 6 weeks. This is also good for people who suffered injury and want to recover faster.

    2. Combat Finishers – if you want to be a fighter, this may be the book report you will favor more because it includes fighter-style workouts that are easy to understand. On top of that this report is also perfect for those who want to lose weight because it improves metabolism.

    3. 4-Weeks to Crunchless Abs – Do you want Washboard abs? This one is for you.

  2. Nutrition – Fitness will not be complete without proper nutrition. In this section, you will receive 5 items; all geared towards providing you with the nutrition that is perfect for you. It includes, Paleo for Fighters, The Lean Performance Diet Recipe Book, University of Abs, Extreme Fat Loss Formula, and How to Eat to Get as Lean as a Fighter.

  3. Combat Strength and Conditioning Program – Includes 16 products which are a combination of books and videos. The products are centered more on martial arts and fighting. Examples of what you’ll get are the following:

    1. Ninja Cardio Flow – how to build the strength and mobility of a ninja.

    2. The Best Combat Athlete Exercises You’ve Never Heard of – for whole body strength.

    3. The 28 Days Shred – How to lose weight with included nutrition plan.

  4. Combat Skill Training – Another section that caters to the fighter in you. Includes 8 products like Taichi for Life, Health and Fitness, The Killer Jab Master Class, and Jiu Jitsu Founadation.

  5. Self Defense Skills – Or if your goal is to simply be prepared when there is a need for you to fight, this section has you covered.

  6. Mobility and Flexibility – Will show you how you can properly take care of your body by preventing injury through enhancement of both mobility and flexibility.

  7. Women Only – And since training for men should truly be different from women’s, there’s a separate section of workout trainings for women.

  8. Resources for Trainers and Coaches – If you are a sports trainer or coach, you’ll find this product perfect for you.

Combat Bundle Review


  • The workouts available can be performed by beginners—either in the gym, or at home. They will not require you to spend hours and hours of exercise; all you need are just few minutes. Perfect for people with busy schedule.

  • The strategies in the system are the same strategies that athlete perform. This is a good catch because athletes have goals to build lean muscles, and before you can enhance your lean muscles, you must first shed off extra pounds. So, this program is really good for those whose goal is to lose excess weight, and be fit.

  • For those people who want to concentrate on becoming a good athlete, this system has all the ingredients, including the diet. The strategies for nutrition are not complicated and they have been proven by a lot of professional sports enthusiasts. They are not just good in losing weight and building lean muscles. They are also good for increasing your stamina and making you recover faster.

  • It even has a section for people over the age of 50. This section has short cardio routines that are safe and has the capacity to improve your overall health.

  • One of the best things about this product is that you will never run out of options. It has exercise routines for isometric workouts, kettlebells, resistant training, weightlifting and finishers. In total, it has 72 fitness programs—all at your disposal.

  • Considering the amount of content and product it involves, Combat Bundles is a very inexpensive product. Not to mention it also includes variety because what you will receive are not just books, but also videos.

  • There is a separate section for women, which is good because training should be different for male and female. On top of that, there is also a separate section for coaches and trainers.


  • Although it is good that you’ll be getting a lot of products, it will be hard for you to decide which of them will be right for you. The product does not include consultation if you’re doing things right or if you are lost amidst the collection of items.

  • And frankly (or practically speaking), you will not be enjoying all the products especially if you just want to concentrate on one aspect. Thus, it’ll make the other programs just displays on your hard drive.

  • If you’re a woman, you’ll only get to enjoy a small portion of the whole product.

  • The Bundles won’t last for very long because they have only prepared 15,000.

Guarantees and Support

Even though the Combat Bundle is inexpensive, it still comes with a money back guarantee scheme. You can try the whole bundle (that is if you can) for 60 days. And if you realize that none of them is for you, send the administrators a message asking for a refund.

For those who want to ask something, the bad news is, they have not provided any means to contact them. There is no e-mail address or Contact Us link at the product page.


Combat Bundle Review

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