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Carb Back-Loading Review – Scam or Legit?

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John Kiefer

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On October 22, 2014
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Carb Back-Loading 1.0 Review

Product Review: Carb Back-Loading 1.0

What is Carb Back-Loading about?

Carb Back-Loading is a very unique product created by John Kiefer, an expert in weight loss. The product is an e-Book composed of 300 plus pages that will discuss about the benefits of eating the right kind of carbs and calories at the right time.

It mainly suggests that AFTER workout and during the night, you have to consume heavy meals loaded with carbs.


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How can Carb Back-Loading 1.0 help you?

The product is perfect for those people who have already tried a lot of diet and workout regimes. Not only does it discuss the correct time to eat the calories and carbohydrates, it also discusses about Modulated Tissue Response wherein you will help your body lose weight through training.

Features and Bonuses

Opening the book will make you feel like you have purchased a printed one. It was clearly edited because there are no grammar and spelling mistakes, and the format is made so that readers can have ease it understanding the book.

The e-Book is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 – Will discuss how the body treats carbohydrates as drugs. It means that the more you detach yourself from it, the more your body will crave it. What you’ll get is the phase of slimming down, and then coming right back into the weight gaining stage.

Chapter 2 – This chapter is a personal thought coming from the author. He explained how he went from different diet plans to come up with the system that will work for him. And that is how he got to Carb Back-Loading Diet.

Chapter 3 – Contains several points that need to be understood to really have the full grasp about this program:

  • It discusses how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that when you break your fast, you should make sure that there is absolutely no fat in your meal.

  • Most of the foods containing food should be eaten in the evening.

  • The key point in the program is quite unique—it deviates from the normal statement of not eating much during the night. Instead, it tells you to eat very light in the morning, have a moderate meal during lunch, and go all out in the evening.

  • Carb Back-Loading or consuming heavy meals full of calories and carbohydrates should be done AFTER your workout session, which is close to 5 in the afternoon.

Chapter 4 – is the chapter that will tackle about how you should train your body so that it will burn more calories. An example is when you are just living a sedentary lifestyle—your body will detect that you need less energy, thus it will burn less. But, if you keep on running, your body will realize that more energy is needed, thus, it will burn more calories and fats. For losing weight, please head over to the other program called: The Beta Switch, Losing Weight Program.

As mention earlier by the author, it is not a drug, and this program is take on the different approach of Carbs Loading to burn the enery and calories.


Carb Back-Loading Review


  • The author of the product is a well-known expert in weight loss; this will be very noticeable in the content of the book. The contents are scientifically-based, but it is not hard to understand. The tone of the book is also professional.

  • The book is very detailed. It is uncommon that you will purchase a book which contains 300 pages, but since the author knows what he is taking about, the book became than long.

  • Carb Back-Loading is a very unique concept. While most will tell you to go on an After 6 diet, the author will defy the odds. This is a welcome approach to those who have tried a lot of weight loss system.

  • Although it may sound unhealthy at first, Carb Back-Loading is really all about eating the correct calories and fats.

  • Easy to follow because the steps will be laid out to you in a very simple manner.

  • Since it urges you to splurge on carbs and calories, this program is far from restrictive.

  • It also tackles the difference between men and women and how women have specialized needs when it comes to weight loss.


  • The product lacks significant bonuses related to its topic. There are no available video tutorials, or audio sets. After buying the product, what you will receive is the book, and that’s it.

  • As instructed in the product, you will need to purchase a lot of supplements. This may be a big problem for those who are sensitive to pills and tablets.

  • There is no web portal for the members. It means that aside from the e-mail support, customer will not be able to track their progress alongside a professional or expert.

Guarantees and Support

The product is under the money-back guarantee program. You can try the Carb Back-Loading for 60 days, and if ever you feel like it’s not for you, you can ask the author to refund your money. He will do so, without any questions.

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Carb Back-Loading 1.0 Review

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