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Best Food for Weight Loss in 2015

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One of the most effective ways to lose weight is by watching the type of foods that you consume everyday and the amount of calories contained in your meals. While a majority of us enjoy our main staples such as rice, hamburgers, fries and many types of desserts, those foods are not necessarily healthy for us.

loss weight in 2015


They sure taste good, but they also leave an unwanted impact on our waistline and state of health. If you are looking to shed some extra pound from your body and start adopting a healthy eating habit, followings are some of the best food for weight loss that you should consider this year!


drink more water everyday

Water is one of the most reliable sources of foods when it comes to losing weight. By taking eight glasses of plain water every day or eat water-loaded foods (e.g. watermelons, oranges, apples), you are not only keeping your body sufficiently hydrated, but also keep you feeling full.

It fills your stomach and reduces the impulse of eating or nibbling. According to a research study done at the University of Tokyo, women who ate foods with a high content of water had lower body mass indexes and smaller waistlines compared to others.


Superfoods are the types of foods that can help us to feel satiety, lose weight and stay slim at the same time. Eggs are one of the superfoods that many of us fail to appreciate.

There is a misunderstood amongst us about eggs: some claim that they contain a high level of cholesterol and can cause us to have a heart attack if taken daily.

However, today, the myth is about to disappear, and many have started to realize its goodness especially for weight loss purposes. An eight-week study has shown that people who take eggs for breakfast lose weight significantly, compared to those who eat bread or bagels every morning.

Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Veggetables for daily use

Many people know the benefits of vegetables. They contain a high level of nutrition and provide a good source of fibre to our body. It is recommendable for those who wish to lose weight to include leafy vegetables inside their menu. Some of the great leafy veggies that you can eat are spinach, cabbage and lettuce.

They contain a tiny amount of calories (somewhere between 60 to 70 calories per pound), but fully loaded with folic acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and fibres. A good bowl of salad every day will help to regulate your blood flowing system, maintain your sugar level, boost up your immune system, and achieve your weight-loss mission!


Salmon for healthy life

Diet foods do not have to be boring and bland. One of the main keys to making dieting fun and lasts longer is by diversifying your source of foods every single day. Another best food for weight loss that you can try is salmon.

You can cook it in many ways such as grilling, baking, or steaming. The oily fish has a high level of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, which helps in reducing body inflammation, healing metabolic disease and obesity, as well as achieving best diet ideal for the body weight.


When people start following a diet program and wanting to lose weight, some of the first things that they would normally do is abandoning potatoes – totally.

Well, if you are following a Paleo Diet, it might be a clever thing to do. However, for those who just cannot live without carbohydrates, leaving potatoes cold turkey can backfire.

Now, here is good news: potatoes are good for people who want to lose weight! This food is high in potassium and can make just about anybody to feel full for a very long time. It helps us to eat less of other foods and works greatly in controlling our blood pressure. Stop eating potatoes when on a diet? Think again. It is a great weight loss food!

Green Tea

green tea plant diet

Besides than plain water, you may also make green tea as your daily drinks if you wish to lose weight. It is a great substitution for your coffee as it also contains the caffeine that your body crazily crave, but in a moderate portion (40 mg per cup compared to coffee’s 200 mg per cup).

Green tea can help to boost up your metabolism rate with its massive content of antioxidant. Plus, it also makes a great weight loss food as it helps to process fats inside your body and suppress your appetite.

Try one of the best foods for weight loss above and mix them around every day to make dieting more fun and bearable!

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