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Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course Reviews

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Basic Past Life Regression program review

The American Alliance of Hypnotists is a well-established organization that offers tons of recognized courses and certifications to hypnotists and Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course is one of them. Collaborating with the founder, Dr. Steve G. Jones, this particular online course offers added values to PLR practitioners. Are you interested in learning more about this self-guided course? Check out this review to learn more about it.

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What is the Program All About?

Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course is an online training system that provides tons of materials that can change and improve your skills as a hypnotist or PLR practitioner. It features several well-known instructors that have many years of professional experience in the field of hypnosis. The online program consists of video modules and textbook for you to watch and study. The learning materials cover several small modules, and each of them talks the training and coaching aspect in a detailed manner. It also talks about ancient wisdom and how to apply it in your training methods. After completing all of the modules, you will entitle to a globally recognized certification, presented by The American Alliance of Hypnotists.

The Founder

If you are a coach, counselor or a certified hypnotist, perhaps, you might be familiar with the founder, Dr. Steve G. Jones. He is a neuro-linguistic programming master trainer who has transformed thousands of lives with his coaching and training techniques. He did tons of research regarding Past Life Regression (PLR) techniques and had compiled his findings into a single comprehensive program. Through this program, he wishes to teach others the correct way of hypnotizing. He also presents his material in a step-by-step manner to ensure that you can grasp the knowledge of PLR fully and easily. To show his dedication, he commits himself to this program and offers a lifetime support to anyone who joins this online training course.

What Will You Learn From It?

This Basic Past Life Regression Certification Course Review seeks to provide you with a thorough understanding of the things that this program has to offer. With an introductory cost of only $37, Dr. Steve claims that you should be able to learn some of the followings.

  • How to develop a clear and effective method to help you clients by using the PLR therapeutic process.
  • How to manage your clients’ misconceptions and negative perspectives on PLR Hypnosis.
  • How to perform a hypnotic induction to your client.
  • How to construct PLR scripts for you to implement on your client – from beginning to the end.
  • How to interpret your clients’ experience and control those feedbacks into positive ones.
  • How and what questions to ask your clients during the hypnosis sessions.
  • How to practice liberation of mental and emotional states and implement them on your clients

Featured Items

All of the benefits above are attainable through the main featured item. The original value of the course is $2997. However, with the discounted price of $37, you will receive all of the 20 learning modules in a format of HD videos and well-formatted textbooks. We think that these types of materials give you some flexibility regarding when and where to learn the modules. You can do it from the comfort of your house. The online nature of the course does not tie you to any specific place or time. You can organize your time freely to complete the course. As mentioned earlier, you will receive a recognized certificate upon the completion of the course. There will be an exam at the end of it, and if you pass it, you will receive the certificate in your mailbox.

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Who is it For?

After looking at all of the offered values and materials, we believe that this particular online is suitable for certain types of people. Since it involves many experienced trainers and introduces intermediate to advanced hypnosis knowledge, it might not be suitable for just about any laymen. However, it is perfect for beginners who would like to increase their knowledge about PLR. Plus, this course is also suitable for the following groups of people:

  • Intermediate hypnotists who want to improve their hypnosis techniques.
  • Coaches or counselors who wish to provide valuable therapeutic experiences to their clients.
  • Hypnotists who would like to gain a recognized certificate from The American Alliance of Hypnotists.

Pros and Cons

Now, you might question whether this online course worth your money and time. We have prepared a list of pros and cons for you to weigh and consider. From there, you will know whether you should join or not.


  • A cheap introductory price that will not break your bank account.
  • Lots of modules – up to 20 – that offers great insights into the world of PLR Hypnosis.
  • Online based that offers high flexibility. As long as you have a laptop and a stable internet connection, you can follow and complete the course easily.
  • The combination of 20 videos and 140-page of text modules. It gives you a variety of options, and you can choose which one to watch or read first.
  • The lifetime support gives you some room to learn and improve for a long period.


  • The course might contain jargon that can be too difficult for laymen to understand.
  • There are no hardcopy materials shipped to your door. Everything is online.
  • No online support group for you to join for talks or discussions.
  • No bonus items.

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So, is this online course legit or is it a scam? Can you believe and purchase it without facing any risk? From the credibility of the association and Dr. Steve’s background, it seems like this particular online training program is highly valid. The payment for the course is via an established, well-secured payment method, which is also protected by a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Plus, there is also a valid on-site address that you can visit if you live nearby. Besides than the phone numbers, you can also reach the team via email at support@plrcertified.com. With the money guarantee and convincing association and company background, we recommend this to any aspiring hypnotist out there. It offers great materials at a bargained price.

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