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Ab Workouts for a Ripped Summer Six Pack

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Seret for Ab Workouts for a Ripped Summer Six Pack

One of the greatest things about summer is that you can shed your winter clothes, head out into the sunshine, and bask in the warmth of the sun. It’s an opportunity for people to walk along the beach and take part in the classic pastime of “people watching”.

Unfortunately, people watching is a two way street and it’s important to make sure that you look your best. Nothing says “sexy” more than a ripped pair of six pack abs.

When most people think about ab workouts, they automatically assume that if they do a million crunches that they will eventually just grow a six pack out of nowhere. Too bad this isn’t the case.


Your abs are more than just “stomach muscles”. In fact, they represent a large portion of your core muscle group. By developing these muscles, you can look better, feel better, and live better. Did you know that a strong core can actually help prevent lower back pain?

Here is a core workout plan that will help you strengthen your core, tighten your abs, and develop that six pack for the upcoming summer.


The first exercise that you should familiarize yourself with is called planks. To start off, you’ll need to lie face-down on the floor. Next, use your elbows to prop yourself up into a  pseudeo-push up position. Your back should be in a flattened, plank position so that your body is a straight line from your toes all the way to your head. In order to hold this position, you’ll need to tighten and hold abdominal muscles.


Try and hold this plank position for 90 seconds.

Side Plank

The concept with side planks is very similar to planks, except that you will not be facing down. Instead, you will start by lying down on your side and using your elbow to prop you up. Your hips and knees should be off the ground. Press your forearm flat into the ground and tighten your abs so that your body stays straight.


Hold this position on each side for 45 seconds.

Ab Wheel Rollout

For this exercise, you’ll need to go out and buy what is known as an ab wheel. These are tiny little wheels with a handle on each side for you to hold on to.

Once you’ve got your ab wheel, kneel down on the floor making sure to keep your knees directly below your hips. Hold the ab wheel and place it on the floor in front of you. Extend your hips so that you move forward along with the wheel. When you feel like you can’t go any further without falling, push your palms down, tighten your abs, and pull yourself back towards the starting position.


Do 4 sets of these. Each set should go until failure. Make sure to take 90 seconds rest in between sets.

Eat Healthy

A clean diet is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of getting a six pack. It will do you no good to work out if you eat junk food all the time. Instead, focus on eating more meals spread throughout the day. Make sure to have a protein base for every meal (eggs, fish, chicken, etc.) as well as a vegetable component to go with it. A proper diet will not only allow your body to develop nicely ripped abs, but it will actively help you achieve your goals.

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