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7 Day Super Slim Reviews – An Alkaline Diet Weight Loss Program

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On July 9, 2015
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7 Day Super Slim Reviews

Acidic foods have been proven to create a long-term negative effect to our body. It makes the fat cells remain intact inside your body and any rapid weight-loss program that fail to acknowledge this scientific fact would simply fail.

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Now, here comes another online weight loss program that claims to be able to help you shed down the extra weight with a professionally designed alkaline meal plans.

7 Day Super Slim system


The founder, Kate Vidulich, seeks to share her years of experiences in the fitness industry and give you the result in just seven days. Check out this 7 Day Super Slim Reviews to learn more about this proven and economical weight loss program.

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All About the Program

7 Day Super Slim PDF Program is an online-based weight loss program that claims to be able to help you shrink down your waistline measurement in just seven days. It promotes healthy alkaline and whole foods meal plans together with several other strategic fat burning workout sessions – the 7×5 Protocol. The result of this professionally designed weight loss strategy should involve an increased metabolism rate, the shrinking of stubborn fat cells, a rapid increase of fat-burning hormones, and an accelerated calorie-burning process. It seeks to reprogram your body and reduce the acidic level inside your belly. Besides than the strategic meal plans, the accompanying exercise schedule also seeks to boost up your fat burning process 30% faster than any other regular cardio workouts out there.

The Authors

Kate Vidulich is an Australian scientist who specializes in Physiology, Nutrition, and Fitness. Besides than the 7 Day Super Slim, she is also the author of Fat Loss Accelerators program. As an Exercise Physiologist, she knows what works and what does not. Unlike any other weight loss program out there, Kate understands the bad effect of acidic foods. She claims that fruit juices and protein-based foods that are majorly recommendable in other programs will create more harm to the users. She said that it could choke off the oxygen in your body cells and will damage your body in a long run. It leads to an uncontrollable weight gain. Plus, it damages your liver and kidneys. Hence, she comes up with an alkaline-based foods meal plans to help her clients to naturalize the pH balance inside their body. Plus, the balanced pH would promote weight loss further by pushing the fat-burning hormones working.

The Features and Bonuses

Do you wonder about the price and features included in this program? This 7 Day Super Slim Reviews would reveal them all to you! Kate charges $19 for her program and includes many EBooks and bonus features in this online solution.


7 Day Super Slim Main EBook

  • Learn the six alkaline foods to eat every day to fight harmful free radicals inside your body.
  • Learn the one type of fat that you should avoid eating.
  • Learn the one thing to avoid doing early in the morning as it could damage your body.

7 Day Super Slim Meal Plan & Cookbook

  • Learn which food to eat for the next seven days to get the best weight loss result.
  • Learn simple and easy recipes that you can prepare in just 20 minutes.
  • Learn how to prepare zero-calorie meals for your diet.

7 Day Super Slim Follow-Along Videos

  • Learn how to perform movements to get your body lean and fit.
  • Learn which weight lift workouts to perform to create a toned body.
  • Online videos that you can streamline or download into your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.


  • 7 Day Super Slim Fast Start Guide
  • Top 51 Slimming Foods to Jumpstart Your Metabolism
  • Sleep Your Way Slim with 11 Tricks to Improve Sleep
  • The Motivation Fix – 9 Proven Habits and Mindset Strategies
  • What to Do After 7 Days

The Scientific Proof

Scientific research has shown that acidic foods can cause many health problems such as poor circulation, weight gain, heart problems and kidney damage. Therefore, it is understandable to see why Kate heavily promotes alkaline-forming foods in her online program. The alkaline diet claims to maintain the blood pH level. In fact, there are many nutrition experts out there that claim a balanced pH diet can be very beneficial to our body. It produces weight-loss effects and increases our energy. However, according to WebMD, the highly acclaimed medical website, the foods that you consumed do not substantially change the pH of your blood. A scientific journal from NCBI supports this statement further. They state that the body has a natural ability to keep the pH level constant. However, they did compliment the programs that promote alkaline foods as they normally involved healthy, whole foods (which have been proven to be healthy) such as raw fruits, vegetables and lots of water.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you spend your $19 on this program, we wish to share with you a list of advantages and disadvantages that we want you to consider. Keep reading this 7 Day Super Slim Reviews to check out the lists.


  • The solution promotes healthy, organic and whole foods and provides simple recipes for you to follow. There is no need to hassle yourself and scour over the internet for organic recipes. Everything is readily available in this solution.
  • The price is very affordable at only $19. There are many included features and bonus materials that you can read and learn more about nutrition and fitness.
  • The solution is an online-based program. You can easily follow the 7-Day plans right from home, without having to commute or spend a specific time to attend the training program. The time and place are very flexible.


  • The program suggests that the result is visible in just seven days, but since the solution involves organic foods and customized workout sessions, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the result within that period too. Yours might take longer.

Who is the Program For?

After reading the 7 Day Super Slim Reviews, do you think this is the perfect program for you? If you have no answer, check out the section below. We laid down the list of people who are suitable for this program.

  • If you need a simple and specific meal plans to follow, this program is for you.
  • If you seek for a natural weight loss program that does not involve any magic pills or extreme diet, you might want to consider this program.
  • If you are a busy person and would like to have a program to follow from home, this is the one for you!
  • If you have a limited budget but do not mind spend at least $20 to learn more about alkaline diet and workout sessions, go for it!

Support, Guarantees, and Return Policy

This program comes with a set of guarantees that ensure your satisfaction. With the 100% Money Back Guarantee, you will entail to the return 60 Day return policy. You can claim back your money within two months if you feel like the program fails to deliver its results. For more support, send an email to info@fatlossaccelerators.com.

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7 Day Super Slim Reviews

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