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4 Simple Ways to Help Men Deal with Depression

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how to deal with depression

Unlike women that are closely connectable to their inner feelings, men are far more distant. They do not simply recognize whether they are in a state of depression, and this kind of nature makes it even more essential for them to undergo a medical screening.

Men’s Problem in Accepting Their Depression

A psychotherapist from PinnacleHealth Psychological Associates in Harrisburg, Christine Kotlarski, said that men are more in tune with the physical symptoms and often deny the existence of any emotional symptoms. Perhaps, they are not ready to accept such internal conflicts that are currently inflicting them. They are quite good in recognizing symptoms such as a headache, fatigue, sluggishness, and gastrointestinal issues. However, due to their internal denial, it is very difficult to diagnose their depression and even if the diagnosis happens, the condition is already in a state of severe.

Men outwardly manifest their depression by expressing anger and frustrations and most of the times, the family members can notice it. Christine said further that the men have their unique ways of distracting themselves from their depression by occupying themselves with long hours of work or resort to an increased consumption of alcohol. When they are ready to receive treatment, they will finally visit the therapist. Even at that time, some will still say that they are there just because their family told them to come.

Antidepressant and Therapy as Successful Depression Treatment for Men

When it comes to the depression treatment, Kotlarski said that antidepressants and therapy often work well together. The men usually need about six to 12 months for the antidepressant to work on them and put them on balance.

As men age, they have a very little concern of what the society has got to say. Any women would have no problem of conveying their inner feelings to others, but men are the opposite of that. They are not very comfortable at expressing themselves emotionally. Therefore, having them to talk to a trained professional can tremendously help to address their depression issue.

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An Improved Stigma Among Men

One of the effects of depression on men is the zapped energy. Being depressed can hinder their level of activeness, and the subsequent loss of sports activities can make their depression add up. Kotlarski further stated that the situation has been better for the last five years.

More and more men have started to come in and seek for her consultation, and she hopes that the stigma will be lesser with the pass of times. If the men address it at the earliest time possible, they can shorten the duration of the depression, and it will get easier for them to get back their life.

Four Easy Ways to Manage and Heal Depression

National Institutes of Health has shared four simple ways on how to help men to deal with their depression.

Firstly, depression is manageable by staying active. When we socialize and mingle with others, we get ourselves out from the black, cold world. Socializing can significantly improve our moods. Plus, exercising also helps – health and mood wise. Another easy way to deal with depression is by facing your fears. Do not ignore things around you, and do not avoid difficult things that are happening to you. Facing them up and solving the issues will help you to feel better.

The next tip is very crucial especially those who love their alcohol – do not drink too much of it! The intoxicated drinks could not help you solve your problems. In fact, it will make you feel worst and will cause you to go deep in depression. Finally, having a routine and sticking up to it can also help you to deal with depression. Always try to sleep early and stay awake during the days. If you fail to keep a balanced sleeping routine, it will not only cause you serious depression but also negatively affect your eating habits.

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