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21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review – Is It Really Work?

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On February 19, 2015
Last modified:March 4, 2015


21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review

The modern lifestyle makes us move faster than we can afford to and produces a huge burden on our shoulders. We have the pressure to excel in our studies and career while at the same time trying to balance out our family life.

Yoga   21 Day Online Yoga Retreat

The fast pace can cause unnecessary stress in our lives. The level of cytokine (a stress hormone) rises like never before.

Yoga   21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review

21 day online yoga retreat program

Before you succumb to the pressure of life, why not pay attention to this 21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review. Read this review until the end and learn how Nicola Reilly’s online retreat program can help you to smooth out your life and find your long-lost inner peace!

What is 21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Program?

21 Day Online Yoga Retreat (www.foreverfityoga.com) is a yoga online retreat program that you can join to learn how to perform peaceful yoga movements that can bring healthier body and happier mind.

It is a 21-day retreat program that you can join from the comfort of your home by watching the exclusive collections of Yoga videos (in high-definition!) and reading several additional materials.

Nicola Reilly designs the retreat program in a way that it can help you to de-stress, increase your focus, improve your body postures, and release your tensions and promoting energy, as well as body flexibility.

There will be a specific video session that you will have to follow for 45 minutes, for as long as 21 days. Since it is an online-based retreat, you are free to follow the daily session at any time you wish – all at your convenience. It costs only $47, and every material is downloadable into your smart devices.

Yoga   21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Program

The founder of the yoga retreat program is Nicola Reilly. She is a qualified Nutritionist, who has more than ten years of professional experience in the wellness industry.

In this online retreat, you will be able to join her in doing the beneficial yoga movements in order to find the balance in your life and creating a healthier body and mind.

The movements introduced in this yoga online program should be able to help you to create leaner and tighter muscles.

Plus, the holistic approach shared in this online yoga program should also be able to help you to improve your well-being by improving your blood circulation and cure lymphatic drainage. There are many other side benefits, so check out the following section in this Forever Fit Yoga Review to learn more about them!

How Can the Yoga Online Program Bring Back the Peace into Your Life?

21 Day Online Yoga Retreat is not just any yoga online programs! It uses a complete approach in its guideline that can significantly result in a happier and healthier life. The daily yoga session will bring both physical and emotional benefits to you. Following are the summary of benefits that you can gain out of this program.

  • Decrease the stress in your life up to 40% by implementing the yoga exercises introduced in the program.
  • Achieve a better mood as the yoga that you will do on a daily basis should be able to increase the secretion of GABA chemicals in your brain (the GABA can make you happy!)
  • Loosen up your stiff muscles and joints by doing several simple yoga postures.
  • Find calmness in your daily yoga exercises and attain a positive state of mind.
  • Get a leaner and fit body from the physical exercises.

If we are to look at the benefits above, $47 does not sound that expensive anymore, does it?

Features and Bonuses Included in the Program

There are many videos and reading materials that you will receive throughout the whole retreat. The features and bonuses of 21 Day Online Yoga Retreat program are:

Main Feature: 21 High-Definition Yoga Sessions Videos. Each day focuses on different aspects of yoga, and some of them are:

  • Day 1 – Yoga Power
  • Day 2 – Yoga Strength
  • Day 3 – Yoga Cardio
  • Day 4 – Yoga Release
  • Day 5 – Yoga Balance

Besides than the training videos, you will also receive the following bonus materials:

  • 19 Juicing Detox Recipes
  • 23 Smoothies Recipes
  • Easy-to-Follow Meals
  • 21 Zen Habits

There are many happy folks who have given positive feedbacks on the output of this yoga online retreat program. Check out the next section in this 21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review to learn more!

21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Honest Review

Besides than looking at the contents, we can also learn about the effectiveness of the program by learning what others have got to say about it!

  • Feedback #1 – Alice said in her email that she followed the yoga routine for five days a week, and she has now found the much-needed balance in her life!
  • Feedback #2 – Rebecca enjoyed her yoga retreat so much. She has now achieved the flexibility in her physical movements and totally looking forward to joining another retreat.
  • Feedback #3 – Another happy camper said the she loved the program. She could feel positive changes within herself and in her life instantly after following the program. She said that it was a great way to spend her 21 days in her life!

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons regarding this online program that we think you should weigh up properly before joining it.


  • The online-based retreat makes it very easy for you to follow and join, even if you are a busy career woman.
  • The price is much cheaper than any other yoga programs out there.
  • The program provides a holistic approach to changing your life for the better. It is not just about your physical well-being, but also your state of mind!


  • Since there is no real trainer to be by your side every day to see your progress, it is up to you to follow the program diligently every day. Only after doing that with high discipline will you be able to see the positive results.

Guarantees and Support

If you are skeptical about the validity of the program, there is no need to feel so. There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee that can ensure you to receive your full money back should it fail to make any changes in your life.

It gives you the sense of security as well as show you the credibility of the program in delivering the positive impact in your life. As for the support, Nicola Reilly is available via her email (nicola@foreverfit.tv) to address any of your questions or concerns.

Do you find this 21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review beneficial? If yes, feel free to share this with your closed ones and let them reap the benefit of this effective yoga online program!

Yoga 21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review

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21 Day Online Yoga Retreat Review

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